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Topic subjectAn hour too long
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2719334, An hour too long
Posted by pretentious username, Sat Sep-05-20 11:32 PM
The 2nd half was really good but I was getting super tired cause of how long the first half was. They also need to figure out a way to mic the minimal crowd cause it was dead. Also did they stop moving the wrestlers sitting front row? How did it sound emptier than a few weeks ago?

Things I enjoyed:

Bucks/Jurassic Express
Dark Order vs. Hodge Podge crew (big surprise, did not expect to like it, coulda been moved to Dynamite for time though)
Both preshow matches


Tag Title (great match that was simply way too long)
Battle Royale (it was a mess and the Sudan bitch was brutal, but I mostly enjoyed it)
Shida/Rosa (good match that had no heat since it wasn’t a feud)

Could’ve done without:

Hardy/Sammy (let’s forget this ever happened)