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Topic subjectWe'll see about Orange.
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2719320, We'll see about Orange.
Posted by dagu, Sat Sep-05-20 03:42 PM
I've only enjoyed one match of his and that was the one with PAC for obvious reasons. His matches are all very same-y and not in a good way for me. He's overexposed for me and Jericho is doing all of the heavy lifting in this feud.

Trent(?) should be a mid-carder who puts on good matches on Dynamite in mostly losing efforts when they're building someone else. They can use Dark and/or the second show when it starts to give him some singles wins and keep him relevant.

I found out that Marko has a brother two weeks ago and now I'm terrified that there will be a Stunt tag team in AEW at some point. Marko has decreased my enjoyment of Jurassic Express almost to nothing and in my opinion he's really holding them back.