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Topic subjectY’all are tripping on Orange
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2719316, Y’all are tripping on Orange
Posted by pretentious username, Sat Sep-05-20 02:01 PM

>Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Marko Stunt are the only
>people who get regular TV time that I really wouldn't mind
>going away for(ever) a while. The in-ring usage rate of Best
>Friends is absurd relative to their talent.

Best Friends are fun on the indies, but I now realize they don’t belong on TV. Actually keep Trent as a singles guy even if the personality ain’t all there. I’m not usually a stickler for this but... Chuck’s body shape is just weird. Do some cardio dawg.

I used to defend Marko a bit, but now he annoys the fuck out of me. It doesn’t help that JR insists on calling him “Little Marko” lol.

Orange is great though, and while this feud has veered into comedy a little more than it should (whatever, I’m still laughing at how Jericho’s jacket got more orange every week), I still think this has been a great way to introduce him as a legitimate threat. Months ago I said I wanted to see how they took the character to the next level... this is what I was talking about. We’re finding out what makes him tick.