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Topic subjectthis PPV really exposed the issues with the way they book stuff
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2719306, this PPV really exposed the issues with the way they book stuff
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Sep-05-20 07:38 AM
they dont tell us why stuff happens, and instead make it all Schiavone's responsibility to hypothesize why people are doing the things they are doing. thats the main reason i think he's been so pivotal to the shows. the booking knows the "things" to do, but doesnt understand how to convey realistic motivation.

>Jericho as Crusierweight
>champ on overdrive.

lmao this is my sister's all time favorite angle. CONSPIRACY VICTIM!

>with the likelihood that lots of other heels are going this

They have a babyface problem thats starting to affect the shows imo. Id like to see Kazarian get a lil push. His work is absolutely impeccable, and his whole thing exudes believability to me. If they give people a reason to get behind him, that could be a big help. I would have no problem whatsoever with him taking the TNT Title off Bruised-ego Brodie at some point.

>I think that they could do an angle where this is his
>rock-bottom and he builds himself back up from there,
>eventually into the main event picture.

they could, but i dont know why they needed to break him down when they had lightning in a bottle with COWBOY SHIT.

>>idk who is even in it. Ricky Starks is my favorite wrestler
>>right now so i hope he wins.

>I like Starks, but they still haven't resolved him vs. Darby
>Allin (I hope Starks goes over there)

which is also a weird piece of booking. they havent figured out how to use non-finishes on TV, so instead of heat we'll get a 2 or 3 minute spot in a clusterfuck for their first official competitive interaction. that "I dont need to paint my face" promo literally lifted me out of my seat with chills, and imo was the single best piece of mic work in all of AEW this far. we deserve better.

>WIth Scorpio, I guess they're paying off the "respectful"
>match between him and Cody a few weeks ago.

i assumed thats what it was but why wasnt he given the chance to tell us why he came out to help? a callback to a match that wasnt that great only makes me think of the match that wasnt that great, and I think Sky deserves better.

>As for Dustin,
>he's 51 and I don't think anyone would believe him even having
>a semi-legit shot at Brodie. it'd be more of a match on

Maybe, but thats heat. He's overmatched physically, too old, but crafty and motivated to avenge his little brother. Let him get his ass kicked...hell, its probably better that way. If someone did that to your little brother, would you care that hes probably gonna beat your ass too? I wouldnt, and nobody else would either. Tell the damn story!

>I agree. Guevara should have won another type of match, and
>the table match is the blow-off.

The tables match as it went down, on PPV, would have served as an effective passing of the torch, and done SO much for Sammy. Now im afraid they're gonna make him look stupid, and i don't think he's quite there yet to be able to talk his heat back up Wednesday.