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2719295, RE: All Out predicitions
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Sep-04-20 11:30 PM

>I think MJF is gonna win it. A talkin ass heel with a cooler
>is a heat magnet. Page takes it off of him at Revolution in

I'd actually prefer this scenario. Especially with Page eventually winning it down the road. Have Moxley lose the title due to MJF goading him into using the Paradigm Shift and destroying him in the process, then turn MJF into a version of Honky Tonk Man as IC champion and Jericho as Crusierweight champ on overdrive. Keep the "campaign" going and turn him into the Drumf of AEW.

However, I'm still going with aforementioned "guy who gets beaten bloody right before the PPV goes over" principle. Along with the likelihood that lots of other heels are going this PPV.

>they fucked this up so bad. unless they are doing a SWERVE BRO
>wherein Page turns on Omega, its fucking stupid. they will
>have turned Hangman into a whiny pussy that sabotaged his
>stablemates because he was scared of them. Page+Spears+FTR is
>the only satisfying way out of the corner they painted
>themselves into

I think that they could do an angle where this is his rock-bottom and he builds himself back up from there, eventually into the main event picture.

>idk who is even in it. Ricky Starks is my favorite wrestler
>right now so i hope he wins.

I like Starks, but they still haven't resolved him vs. Darby Allin (I hope Starks goes over there)

>why is scorpio sky in this? why isnt it Dustin vs Brodie? i
>hate this whole fucking angle.

WIth Scorpio, I guess they're paying off the "respectful" match between him and Cody a few weeks ago. As for Dustin, he's 51 and I don't think anyone would believe him even having a semi-legit shot at Brodie. it'd be more of a match on Dynamite.

>Again...wtf. This should have BEEN the tables match, but they
>hot-shotted it and now its a gimmick.

I agree. Guevara should have won another type of match, and the table match is the blow-off.