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Topic subjectRE: All Out predicitions
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2719285, RE: All Out predicitions
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Sep-04-20 10:30 PM

>agreed. Plenty of time to get MJF there. I don't think we've
>seen the full extent of his heelness yet. I think Mox drops it
>at the next ppv though.

I'm not sure who he'd drop it to tho. It'd be pointless to put the title on someone like Lance Archer. Maybe Rhodes if he comes back. There's been rumors of them re-forming the Horsemen with FTR, Hangman, and Rhodes, so I can see it. Even if I don't like putting the belt on the guy in charge. Maybe Omega. I'd like to see Page eventually get it at some point.

>Definitely. The split has been teased long enough and FTR is
>the right team to run with.

>Gotta be Shida, though I love Thunder Rosa and hope this is
>the beginning of a great relationship between NWA and AEW.
>Aldis would fit right in with the top players in the Men's

I definitely hope this isn't a one-off with Rosa and she sticks around. And brings in Aldis.

>Probably, but I'll be rooting for Orange.

Me too. Can't help but liking the dude. But I doubt Jericho is losing twice to him at this point.

>God, the segment for this was a mess. I think we'll see a
>small surprise here and my boy Pentagon will take it.

Yeah, Jake keeps talking over Tazz. It seems like they're setting up the eventual feud between Archer and Kage, but Jake needs to let Tazz do his talking and vice versa.

I'd certainly like a surprise, and the new Eddie Kingston/Butcher and Blade/Lucha Bros. stable are the only other people that they've given any attention to this thing. Personally, I'd hope that of them Eddie Kingston wins, but that's mostly because I love the Lucha Bros. as team, and I want them in the Tag Title picture.

>My pick is Britt cause I think she's the strongest personality
>in the division and she should be the one to take the title
>off of Shida. Would've been interested in this a couple months
>ago but it's been drawn out too much due to Britt's injury.
>They honestly should've had her shit on people w/o actually
>feuding with anyone until she was nearly ready to come back.

I was operating on the "person who stomps out right before the PPV usually wins" principle, but I see that arguement.