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Topic subjectim not going out of my way with *anybody*
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2719263, im not going out of my way with *anybody*
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Sep-04-20 08:02 PM
for some people, thats good. ive never seen an invisible man, invisible hand grenade, or pause button. So all that indie shit never happened to me. Janela, Chuck Taylor, OC, and so many others get a free pass for all of it.

for others, like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, thats not so good. they cant do a believable promo, and can barely deliver a produced vignette. i cant handle Matt Jackson hulking up without wishing Rick Steiner would do a shoot run in. Omega has actually gotten better in a tag team for me. For a while his shit had gotten more serious, and more interesting. But thats kinda fallen by the wayside again, and i dont think hes an amazing worker. I think hes a good athlete who can do the stuff, but why am i supposed to care? I dont want to be sports-entertained by theatre kids; I want to be entertained by sports contested by athletes.

This turned into kind of a rant, but they bug me. If Omega calms his tics down there may be hope. But the Bucks...nah. I dont understand how they ever got over anywhere.