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Topic subjectthey ruin segments
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2719240, they ruin segments
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Sep-04-20 04:58 PM

>Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Marko Stunt are the only
>people who get regular TV time that I really wouldn't mind
>going away for(ever) a while. The in-ring usage rate of Best
>Friends is absurd relative to their talent.

the only thing any of them have done to entertain me was when Chuck Taylor said "punched my friend in the dick" on TV. thats the sum total of their positive contributions to my viewing.

>I would add Janela to that list but mercifully he isn't
>featured much.

ya know, i was kinda into the Janela-Sonny tag team....until they did Nakazawa's shit on Dark. everything is so schizophrenic, waffling between wrestling and people acting like they are in a terrible movie *about* wrestling

>I believe the theory is that Britt still isn't well enough for
>a full in-ring return so they're using the cinematic format as
>a cover. They probably feel like they've dragged it out long
>enough and want them to feature on a PPV.

which in and of itself is a travesty because she was injured with a reckless botch, and she's one of their best tv characters