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Topic subjectYou and me both.
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2719237, You and me both.
Posted by dagu, Fri Sep-04-20 04:03 PM
>>Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy (Mimosa Mayhem match)
>>Jericho. Pins Orange Cassidy, but Cassidy dumps him in the
>>mimosa pool afterwards.
>ive tried and failed to care less about this.

Orange Cassidy, Best Friends and Marko Stunt are the only people who get regular TV time that I really wouldn't mind going away for(ever) a while. The in-ring usage rate of Best Friends is absurd relative to their talent.

I would add Janela to that list but mercifully he isn't featured much.

>>Britt Baker vs. Big Swole (Tooth and Nail match)
>>Big Swole. This is one match I have very little interest in.
>This was the thing i had the most interest until the revelation that >its a cinematic match. Imo Baker-Swole is the best program theyve had >since the last PPV. But they couldnt just have a fucking match, so here >we are.

I believe the theory is that Britt still isn't well enough for a full in-ring return so they're using the cinematic format as a cover. They probably feel like they've dragged it out long enough and want them to feature on a PPV.