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Posted by pretentious username, Fri Sep-04-20 02:00 PM

>Any predictions?

I included my All Out predictions under MrHood since I agreed with most of his. I'm trying to predict how New Japan plays out this year and I'm at a loss. Had the year played out normally I'd say it's Kota's time to climb the mountain, but the Naito double title run just got a restart and I doubt they take the belts off him in January.

So who wins the G1 to challenge Naito and lose? I think they keep Okada out of the main event scene for now and save Ibushi for next year. The Evil experiment is over. I would love to see a dark horse like SANADA or Ishii challenging but it seems unlikely. My pick is Jay White. The dude can go and has genuine heel heat. He'll get cheap wins to rack up points and be rested for the finals. I wonder if they'll even have time for someone to challenge for that spot ahead of WK.

>Who's the best performer so far this year?

Asuka. There are a handful of people who have shined during the COVID era, but she's turned chicken shit into chicken soup.

>Best storyline in wrestleing?

The Elite breakup

>Anyone due for a title shot?

I'd like to see Big E get his shot soon. Probably one more feud before he gets in the title picture though.

The aforementioned Ishii would put on a phenomenal title match with Naito.

My pick for AEW is always Pentagon. I want him to be champion forever in every company.