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Topic subjectRE: All Out predicitions
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2719229, RE: All Out predicitions
Posted by pretentious username, Fri Sep-04-20 01:18 PM

>Moxley. It'll be MJF's time eventually; he's the best dickhead
>heel that I've seen in years, but he's not quite ready yet.

agreed. Plenty of time to get MJF there. I don't think we've seen the full extent of his heelness yet. I think Mox drops it at the next ppv though.

>FTR. Kinda has to be after the build-up. Kenny and Page split
>up afterwards, possibly with Omega going full heel.

Definitely. The split has been teased long enough and FTR is the right team to run with.

>Shida. This is Rosa's second match with AEW; no way she leaves
>with the belt.

Gotta be Shida, though I love Thunder Rosa and hope this is the beginning of a great relationship between NWA and AEW. Aldis would fit right in with the top players in the Men's division.

>Jericho. Pins Orange Cassidy, but Cassidy dumps him in the
>mimosa pool afterwards.

Probably, but I'll be rooting for Orange.

>Also kinda has to be Lance Archer, especially since they're
>not really building anyone else up. The already gave Kage his
>shot. The two of them probably feud for a little post-PPV
>before Archer fights Moxley.

God, the segment for this was a mess. I think we'll see a small surprise here and my boy Pentagon will take it.

>Dark Order. Gotta keep building them as monsters until Cody
>comes back from filming on Arrow.
>Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (Broken Rules match)
>Hardy. Sammy won the tables match, Matt wins the blow-off.
>The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express
>Young Bucks. Probably go full heel aferwards.

Agree on all these

>Britt Baker vs. Big Swole (Tooth and Nail match)
>Big Swole. This is one match I have very little interest in.

My pick is Britt cause I think she's the strongest personality in the division and she should be the one to take the title off of Shida. Would've been interested in this a couple months ago but it's been drawn out too much due to Britt's injury. They honestly should've had her shit on people w/o actually feuding with anyone until she was nearly ready to come back.