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Posted by MaxPtah, Fri Sep-04-20 12:06 PM

>Who's the best performer so far this year?

I've been impressed with Drew's run as a babyface champ. Didn't think it would've worked as well as it has, but I can't say he's been the BEST so far this year. It's between Bayley and Orton for me.

>Best storyline in wrestling?

Bayley and Banks carried both main roster brands for months. They're pacing their story just right. I'm gonna say this one for me so far, but I'm putting a placeholder for how they do Reigns as a heel

>Anyone due for a title shot?

I'd like to see Reigns v. Big E at 'Mania. Already had a fantasy booking angle in my head when Reigns won and its no secret WWE is big on E right now.

I also want to see Cassidy with the TNT title, cause I think that is his ceiling. He's great all around, but I just don't see AEW going that route. If he does? Cool, but I think him with the TNT title would be great.