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Topic subjectOKPW: All Out to Wrestle Kingdom
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2719210, OKPW: All Out to Wrestle Kingdom
Posted by Paps_Smear, Thu Sep-03-20 10:41 PM
The fall season is right here and we have some big cards coming up starting with All Out on September 5th. In NJPW we have the G1 Climax Tournament that's starting later than usual this year and is always a banger. WWE we have Survivor Series which I'm sure will be another mix between Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. Even though Wrestle Kingdom is right after the new year (January 4th) that always feels like an end of the year show.

Any predictions?

Who's the best performer so far this year?
Best storyline in wrestleing?
Anyone due for a title shot?

Trying to build a watch along group for most shows. We already do AEW every Wednesday and all the PPVS. As always the link is https://s.kast.live/g/8lf7lrmxzl and we'll be kicking off with the All Out PPV this weekend