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Topic subjectoh fuck you, kidd was also superbly conditioned and smart
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2719245, oh fuck you, kidd was also superbly conditioned and smart
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Sep-04-20 05:27 PM
you know that and now you're just trying to make a fucking scene.

the dubs were a 23-win team or something, that's true. the nets, when they hired kidd, were a 49-win team, which they aren't now. funny how you're overlooking that. and to consider the dubs a 23-win team and nothing else is disingenuous AF. they were very much on the upswing, even if no one knew just how high that swing would reach yet.

this refusal to recognize any sort of progress or leveling of the field until it's completely level is counterproductive. and of course you are "OK" with this because it's a perfectly legitimate hire and no different than the kidd hire in any way.

this topic is frustrating for sure but it's comical how it brings out irrational thoughts, just like years back when people accused the hornets of racism in their hires even though they hired a nearly uninterrupted string of black coaches.