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Topic subjectThe Nets had just won 49 games and had a lot of big names
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2719244, The Nets had just won 49 games and had a lot of big names
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Sep-04-20 05:23 PM
Now, the fact that those big names were washed or nearly washed is another story, but they were ambitious at the time and successful, too.

And if you want to say that the situation wasn't promising because the players were too old, well, what about Jackson? No, they hadn't won many games yet but they drafted Steph and Klay, they hired Bob Myers, etc. They were getting ambitious and he was their guy.

To say neither of those were good gigs is absurd. And to hoist up this Nets gig like he got hired to coach the Jordan Bulls is also bullshit. We have no idea how good KD will be next year and Kyrie is not exactly on the upswing. To me all of these are slightly above average gigs on the surface, just for different reasons.