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Topic subjectMahomes and KC agree on 10 year extension, money TBD
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2716136, Mahomes and KC agree on 10 year extension, money TBD
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Jul-06-20 01:57 PM

curious to see what the figures are whenever they drop it.
2716137, bet it's atleast 350.
Posted by kinetic94761180, Mon Jul-06-20 02:06 PM
2716138, by the end of that they won't even be called the Chiefs anymore
Posted by Tiger Woods, Mon Jul-06-20 02:13 PM
2716140, they should just change their name to the Mahomes
Posted by kinetic94761180, Mon Jul-06-20 03:02 PM
2716139, will he top Mike Trout?
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jul-06-20 02:14 PM
2716144, $450 just shy of Trout
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Jul-06-20 04:21 PM
2716141, Schefty update: $$$ figures believed to be tied to the cap
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Jul-06-20 03:05 PM

There are no official numbers on Patrick Mahomes' 10-year extension just yet, but multiple sources believe it ultimately will be tied to a percentage of the salary cap for each season. The higher the cap goes, the more Mahomes will make.
2716142, At least $427.5 mill for 12 years
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jul-06-20 03:53 PM
This is amazing.

2716146, any word on guaranteed money?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Jul-06-20 07:47 PM
2716149, $63 mill guaranteed upfront, $103 guaranteed next March
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Jul-06-20 10:29 PM
the guarantees are rolling, judging by the way it's setup, it's made to be renegotiated in 2027


www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2716240, this deal is basically a stretch provision...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Thu Jul-09-20 06:16 AM
..its massive in terms of length, but neither party expects to reach the finish line in its current form.

That guaranteed $$$/rollover will be interesting after year 4/5.

Still think this was the perfect time for NFLPA to push for fully guaranteed contracts. Guess they'll learn the hard way.

I hope he remains healthy.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2716151, I take football contracts with a grain of salt.
Posted by allStah, Mon Jul-06-20 11:26 PM
He gets the 63 million signing bonus, but after that it’s all based on certain mechanisms. He has to make the roster each season to get the other guaranteed money, and rarely do football players see the life of their contracts due to being cut, injury, etc. So will Mahomes see the life of that contract? Possibly, being that he is a QB, the position is on his side. But due to it being football I doubt it.

It’s a big contract, biggest in sports history based on the numbers, but still ain’t touching Mike Trouts’ guaranteed money for all of the contract, regardless of injury, trade, etc.

2730530, If it wasn’t the AFC championship would he be playing?
Posted by ThaTruth, Sat Jan-23-21 10:47 AM
2730533, Probably not and I can’t help but notice, Covid doesn’t seem to exist
Posted by calij81, Sat Jan-23-21 12:19 PM
in the NFL during the playoffs.
2730534, Probably not, there’s no way he’s missing this or the Super Bowl
Posted by pretentious username, Sat Jan-23-21 02:14 PM
Maybe his condition is actually fine, but even if it was bad they’d find a way to clear him for this or the Super Bowl and take the criticism after the fact.
2730538, nope but this the playoffs. strap em up.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Jan-23-21 04:08 PM