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Topic subjectRE: He didn't have to respond though, nor respond in that way
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2715618, RE: He didn't have to respond though, nor respond in that way
Posted by allStah, Sat Jun-06-20 10:16 AM
Respecting someone's opinion is not accepting someone's opinion. It is merely acknowledging that they have an opinion on or regarding a subject. You can completely disagree with someone's opinion and still respect it at the same time.

Well, since you say using the jim brown tv debate is sort of looking through rose colored glasses, because a show is designed to showcase things in a certain manner, I present to you the historic James Baldwin vs William Buckley debate that took place at Cambridge university.

Buckley was known as an extreme white conservatists, and laid the groundwork for the repulican's party shift to the way it exists now. He was pro-segregation, and felt that white people were the superior race.I don't need to define who Baldwin was, because I know you know his background and what he stood for.

That debate would not have been allowed to take place in this day and age. No way. No How. And that great historical debate left a huge impression on the world regarding race relations in america. It was eloquent, it was intelligent, and it was fair ground for communication for both sides. And after the debate was concluded, it was voted that the american dream was at the expense of the negro.

It is only through opinion ,and expression of that opinion ,that we, as a civilization, can sincerely address the heart of the issues that threaten or impede our advancement as a human race. They don't have to see eye to eye, nor do they need approval or acceptance, but they have afforded the RIGHT to be NON-VIOLENTLY expressed without facing retribution for merely being opposite to the opinions or beliefs of others.

That's where I stand.