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Topic subjectRE: The public face of an org should have more awareness
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2715475, RE: The public face of an org should have more awareness
Posted by allStah, Wed Jun-03-20 10:17 AM
The so called sterling situation isn’t the subject, and that’s an entirely different plight. All due respect.

My problem is that Cousins sent him a tweet asking his opinion or perception on BLM, he responded that All Lives Matter, and it was viewed to be racist and offensive. I have a problem with that, because, one, Cousins initiated the conversation or tweet(why? ...if you know or feel the man is a closet racist). And secondly his opinion was asked, and he gave his opinion. However, stating all lives matter is now perceived as insensitive and racist?

I’m sorry, bro, something is wrong with that.

I can recall a Dick Cavet show where Jim Brown was having a debate with a politician who viewed black people in a certain way. I was like see that wouldn’t be allowed today or a show like Archie Bunker, where a bigot like Archie Bunker and an emotional pro African American male like George Jefferson can go at it regarding race relations, disagree and be divided on opinions, but still be able to coexist without wanting to cancel each other out.

The understanding of divergent opinions, and a person having the liberation to have those opinions, and how that must be protected at all times, is missing from this generation. An opinion and a verbal attack against a culture are two different things, and there was no hate or degradation implemented from his expression.