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Topic subjectit's is much messier that you're positing
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2714750, it's is much messier that you're positing
Posted by benny, Mon May-11-20 10:54 AM
yes the PM did announce the cancellation of pro sports until September unilaterally, but it's led to mixed reactions from clubs. The vocal ones (Lyon, Lille) were unhappy but not necessarily because of the money they'd make from playing the rest of the games as much as being left out of Champions League football next year. On the other side you have a Rennes who's quite content, or Marseille who wouldn't have to gain much from attempting to play 10 games in a very uncertain public health context. Not to mention hosting games behind closed doors while respecting appropriate safety measures presents a mass of logistical headaches and costs, while providing 0 additional income. So the government made its decision based on a sense of risk-aversion, which has little to do with being civilized and more with avoiding risk for a topic that matters little culturally (the cancellation was mentioned in one sentence within a 90min speech to Congress). It's hard to see anything fundamentally wrong with their decision, but many around football remarked it was a bit odd they announced it so early instead of taking a more cautious approach, leaving options on the table.