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Topic subjectRE: france did not shut down ligue 1 bcause they are a "civilized country"
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2714725, RE: france did not shut down ligue 1 bcause they are a "civilized country"
Posted by allStah, Sun May-10-20 09:40 AM
This is not true. The prime minister shut it down ,not the governing body of France football.The federation, league, and teams wanted to play to make money, because a lot of those teams will be facing bankruptcy by not playing. So all of France football was shocked when he shut down everything until fall.

This was a government order. It would be like the nba moving forward to reopen to make money, but then trump steps in and shuts them down. French teams were all set to come back and just needed a sign off from the prime minister ...he said no.

Teams are going to lose a shit load of money, but the government stated that it will pay up to 90 percent of the revenue that teams will lose out on.......This may help the smaller clubs, but the top teams are going to miss out on huge TV money.


There are two hypotheses,” he said. “The first one, that the Germans, the Spanish, Italians and English start and they play and finish their championships, get money for TV — and everyone will say, ‘The French, they are completely stupid.’

“Or you have a problem in those countries, the virus comes back and some teams, they cannot play because of virus, and it’s a big mess and people will say, ‘The French were right, we made a mistake.’”

That’s clearly putting citizens first.