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Topic subjectMcCaffrey $16 mill per year... swollen pockets.
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2713998, McCaffrey $16 mill per year... swollen pockets.
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-14-20 08:59 AM
Hilarious watching Steeler fans who all said a RB shouldn’t make big money do an189 when it’s McCaffrey.

You know what it is.. lol

2714011, teams are trying to protect themselves by
Posted by will_5198, Tue Apr-14-20 07:53 PM
having contract outs when these running backs turn 28, but even that looks like a bad value (Gurley, David Johnson, maybe Zeke)
2714016, Why are people putting Zeke on this list?
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Apr-15-20 08:34 AM
He was a monster last year.

Gurley wasn’t the problem either. It’s the QB contract and other moves that really hurt the Rams. Goff ain’t that good.

But I think it’s teams signing/extending now instead of dealing with a holdout or more money because the market always goes up.
2714024, RE: Why are people putting Zeke on this list?
Posted by jimaveli, Wed Apr-15-20 10:50 AM
>He was a monster last year.
>Gurley wasn’t the problem either. It’s the QB contract and
>other moves that really hurt the Rams. Goff ain’t that
>But I think it’s teams signing/extending now instead of
>dealing with a holdout or more money because the market always
>goes up.

Fantasy football can cause confusion. That's how McCaffrey can make basically what Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler now make COMBINED on different teams.

Also, the way Dem Boyz get covered will have folks convinced that their whole team is hopelessly terrible if they lose one primetime game. AKA I hear so much about how Dak is so limited and terrible. Meanwhile, Kirko Cousins, Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford and even Rodgers are peeling off maaaaad papers and they haven't won squat in a looooong time if ever.

Besides that, I can't help but see that 'sizzim.

To me, Run CMC is a mighty fine RB but he's has been collecting a lot of empty calorie, Matt Schaubbious garbage time/comeback stats for a while. Catching 8 dump-off passes while losing by 2 scores in the 2nd half of a bunch of games and winning people money in fantasy football is not the same as almost always being the reason an offense works when it works (like peak Zeke).
2714034, *maybe* Zeke
Posted by will_5198, Wed Apr-15-20 03:19 PM
he's one year into his contract. Cowboys have an out after 2022 to cut him without eating most of the $52.9 million remaining; he'll probably restructure then or they will let him walk.

Gurley *just* signed that contract and the Rams had to give him away, due to his knee issues (which is not talent-related but shows exactly why you can't tie your cap to a running back for years and years).
2714117, Right about Gurley
Posted by tariqhu, Sat Apr-18-20 09:22 PM
His injury is exactly why he became the problem. I think Geoff is better than he showed last year, but having Gurley at normal strength def helps the engine go.
2714031, CMC the only one putting asses in seats at BoA right now
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Apr-15-20 02:25 PM
they aint have to break him off but after losing all the faces of the team from the Cam era they had to have somebody to pin the team on, especially since the real fan fave Luke is gone.
2714118, Reggie Bush would kill in this era. He was just way ahead of his
Posted by allStah, Sat Apr-18-20 09:50 PM
time, and went to the saints, who don't know how to use RBs. Alvin is being wasted. Still amazing that dude was able to adapt and turn more into a power runner to stay in the league. He had good stints with the dolphins and lions.

That is what I see when I look at Christian, so I'm not mad at him for getting paid. Get all the money now, because RBs don't last long.
2714181, your hot takes are just...
Posted by will_5198, Mon Apr-20-20 09:29 PM
>time, and went to the saints, who don't know how to use RBs.
>Alvin is being wasted.

*chef's kiss*
2714182, The running attack takes a back seat in the Saints offense
Posted by allStah, Mon Apr-20-20 10:22 PM
they are a pass heavy team.

Alvin avg 12 carries a game last season and the season before that. Now if you look at his receiving yards and receptions, even though the yards were down, his receptions per game went up. He clearly is not getting the ball enough as a runner, but his touches as a receiver are increasing.

That is what I mean by being wasted in the Saint's offense. He should at least see 15 to 20 carries as a running back. If you look at his peers:

Dalvin Cook avg 18 carries a game
Christian avg 18 carries a game
Elliot avg 20 carries a game
Even Gurley ,who was being load managed, avg more carries than Alvin.

When Bush was with the Saints, he avg around 7-8 carries a game, and had only 2 seasons where he avg double digits in carries. Goes to Miami and Detroit and gets 15 carries a game.

Again, in the Saint's offense, the running attack is not a focal point, and receivers are going to take touches away. So to me running backs are not used to their full potential.

But I will say that maybe the game has changed, and I'm just used to RBs getting at least 17-20 touches a game...
2714200, Reggie was getting lit up in Miami.
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Apr-21-20 03:46 PM
Prolly shorten his career by trying to be an every down back.

Saints used him well IMO from what I remember.

Only thing I think is different is LB’s are lighter due to more passing defenses being on the field. That benefits RB’s.

2714201, RE: Reggie was getting lit up in Miami.
Posted by allStah, Tue Apr-21-20 04:10 PM
yeah, this is true. He took some hits.

I remember the jets intentionally put some hard hits on him to slow him down.

But he was drafted by the wrong team....imagine starting off with the dolphins or lions, shiiiit. dude was back to his explosive self.

2714183, I can't understand why anyone seriously engages with him
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Apr-20-20 10:35 PM
I know mfers are bored, but shit man

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2714202, All Stah can be adorably strange at times.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Apr-21-20 04:28 PM

At times. He's often plain odd


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