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Topic subjectRE: Wilder still needs to go get a coach
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2747928, RE: Wilder still needs to go get a coach
Posted by bentagain, Sun Oct-10-21 08:32 AM
Knew it was over from the opening bell

They claimed the weight from Wilder's costume was the reason for the previous L

So the game plan was to put on weight and stay with the same fight plan

Wilder probably should train with a weight vest anyway just to prepare for Fury leaning on him

But I saw Wilder's hands low from the opening bell
Standing flat footed in front of Fury
Looking for that 1 big right hand

All of that should have changed for this fight
The angles on his punches has to change vs Fury/a bigger man
Hands should be high and launching punches from a high guard
No movement...none.
Flat foot
Center of the ring
vs a +270lb opponent


Congrats to Fury
He's not a lot of things
but agile for his size
Quick hands
smart using his size advantage
Held and hit a few shots, but ref didn't call it

Good fight, but Wilder just needs to accept it and move on
He can't Win vs Fury.