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Topic subjectRE: Eardrum wasn't busted just a cut in the ear
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2712712, RE: Eardrum wasn't busted just a cut in the ear
Posted by allStah, Thu Feb-27-20 11:01 AM
We are saying the same thing.

It was all the above. It was the weight, legs being tired from the weight of fury leaning on him ,and the rabbit punch that sent him down.

He actually had a good second round and landed some power shots. That was his best round, but he got hit with that rabbit punch that affected him tremendously. And He was never the same after that. He was instantly out of it.

Now even without that rabbit punch, we can all agree that fury would have outboxed him. However, with that right hand he would have still had a SLIM shot similar to the first fight had he been able to get to later rounds...but again that’s a stretch. Fury was clearly the bigger, better more prepared fighter.