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Topic subjectLMAO! Weight doesn't matter? Do you know anything about boxing?
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2712655, LMAO! Weight doesn't matter? Do you know anything about boxing?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Feb-26-20 09:48 AM

So weight means nothing in boxing?? LMAO

Jesus Christ, glad I talked to you, oh wise one

>Fury realized Wilders flaw in that 12th round after getting
>up Undertaker style, that he when he had Wilder backpedllimg
>he saw how akward he was.

Fury also realized that Wilder is comparatively small, which is
WHY his strategy was to bully Wilder. He can TAKE Wilder's
biggest punch *because* he's significantly bigger. This is
precisely why he decided to come straight forward in the

That was his game plan for this
>fight. He told everyone what he was gonna do and he did it.
>Styles make fights. Not many people rushed Wilder in his
>career the way Fury did because of his power would knock
>people out who tried.

Right, and how many people Fury's size has Wilder fought?

In addition, Wilder isn't actually comfortable at 231lbs.
He's actually a really, really lean guy. He's looked best
at below 220 imo. I get that being 212 against a man 270 is
bad physics....but Wilder and Fury are basically in different
weight classes.

>At this level you should be 30+ and 0. You are supposed to be
>because you been fighting bums majority of your career.

LMAO -- Wilder has basically fought everyone fed to him. He
hasn't had the luxury of ducking. You can shit on him all you
want, but Wilder EARNED what he's gotten. Nothing was given to
dude. He's fought everyone. Joshua's camp has ducked him for
years. He's wanted to make every fight.

>not impressed by records in boxing to be honest it's not like
>UFC where it's harder to duck fights and you don't go through
>as much bullshit beginner fights for development when you
>finally make if to the UFC. The types of opponents and the
>battles I'm more impressed by.