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Topic subjectFury's weight wouldnt matter
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2712647, Fury's weight wouldnt matter
Posted by Heinz, Wed Feb-26-20 12:47 AM
Fury realized Wilders flaw in that 12th round after getting up Undertaker style, that he when he had Wilder backpedllimg he saw how akward he was. That was his game plan for this fight. He told everyone what he was gonna do and he did it. Styles make fights. Not many people rushed Wilder in his career the way Fury did because of his power would knock people out who tried.

At this level you should be 30+ and 0. You are supposed to be because you been fighting bums majority of your career. I'm not impressed by records in boxing to be honest it's not like UFC where it's harder to duck fights and you don't go through as much bullshit beginner fights for development when you finally make if to the UFC. The types of opponents and the battles I'm more impressed by.


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