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Topic subjectWilder-Fury II
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2712467, Wilder-Fury II
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
The first bout had the juice - and was one of the highest profile HW bouts fought in America in the new century. Fury remains the lineal champ (ever since his upset of Wladmir Klitschko) - and Wilder remains the belt-holder/current baddest man on the planet with the ultimate eraser of a right hand.

I expect Wilder to fight a much more polished fight than he did in the first bout - where he was wild, sloppy, and undisciplined. But he will be hunting all night - per his usual - for that one opening to finish the fight with one thudding shot. He is among the greatest of all time in terms of KO % and one-shot power - and he does with a flare and bravado worthy of all-time consideration as most memorable world champions.

As does Fury - who is one of the most unique HWs you'll ever watch. a 6'9" Goliath who fights like a David - dancing on the outside, more elusive that you'd ever imagine him to be - and scoring with sneaky shots behind a very competent 1,2 jab, straight right hand. Fury has maximized his talent and resurrected himself from the brink of suicide. Both Wilder & Fury have incredible personal stories of overcoming adversity - and they both respect each other.

I expect Fury to box well - but not *quite* as well as he did in the first bout. Wilder needed to refine the little things after the first bout, I expect that he did. But ultimately - Wilder is who he is - a big-game hunting KO artist - and he's always been successful at going for the kill (save for the first Stiverne fight where he boxed beautifully).

I think Wilder becomes the lineal champion Saturday night.

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