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2712467, Wilder-Fury II
Posted by Vex_id, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
The first bout had the juice - and was one of the highest profile HW bouts fought in America in the new century. Fury remains the lineal champ (ever since his upset of Wladmir Klitschko) - and Wilder remains the belt-holder/current baddest man on the planet with the ultimate eraser of a right hand.

I expect Wilder to fight a much more polished fight than he did in the first bout - where he was wild, sloppy, and undisciplined. But he will be hunting all night - per his usual - for that one opening to finish the fight with one thudding shot. He is among the greatest of all time in terms of KO % and one-shot power - and he does with a flare and bravado worthy of all-time consideration as most memorable world champions.

As does Fury - who is one of the most unique HWs you'll ever watch. a 6'9" Goliath who fights like a David - dancing on the outside, more elusive that you'd ever imagine him to be - and scoring with sneaky shots behind a very competent 1,2 jab, straight right hand. Fury has maximized his talent and resurrected himself from the brink of suicide. Both Wilder & Fury have incredible personal stories of overcoming adversity - and they both respect each other.

I expect Fury to box well - but not *quite* as well as he did in the first bout. Wilder needed to refine the little things after the first bout, I expect that he did. But ultimately - Wilder is who he is - a big-game hunting KO artist - and he's always been successful at going for the kill (save for the first Stiverne fight where he boxed beautifully).

I think Wilder becomes the lineal champion Saturday night.

Poll question: Wilder-Fury II

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Fury by (T)KO (2 votes)Vote
Wilder by Decision (1 votes)Vote
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2712470, Dairy Queen
Posted by PG, Fri Feb-21-20 07:40 PM
that'd be a shame.... hope not.

I think Wilder does it. he just gets more and more convincing.. I don't think he out points Tyson without a knock down tho so not sure about the by decision... though I suppose he's probably gonna knock him down if he doesn't knock him out... Tyson could surprise but likely won't imo.
2712482, Weigh in
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Sat Feb-22-20 09:20 AM
Wilder - 231
Fury - 273

Wilder was 212 in the first fight giving up a lot of weight and still head hunting. I wonder how he'll look with the added weight.

Fury added weight too so I guess he's gonna spend more time going inside rather than trying to keep distance from Wilders right hand
all night like the first fight ??? IDK Im a novice who enjoys
the sport and learning new things about the science.

Fury will have to out score though cuz he's not knocking Wilder out

2712484, 273?
Posted by Kungset, Sat Feb-22-20 11:59 AM
i have a hard time seeing Fury ducking and dodging those rights for 12 rounds at that weight. plus i've seen him fuck around and go southpaw in training a lot. if he's really gonna try that he's gonna get KTFO quick, hopefully it was just disinformation
2712488, So...is Tyson planning to hang out inside with that added weight...
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Feb-22-20 01:07 PM
he might mess around and catch that one-hitta.
2712492, Hate to say it, but
Posted by snacks, Sat Feb-22-20 04:27 PM
I gotta retract my Fury decision and go Wilder KO. It sucks because Fury felt he HAD to train for the KO after he was robbed of the first fight ... which I completely get, but I think it will cost him. Game is the game
2712528, I should've stuck to my guns lol
Posted by snacks, Sun Feb-23-20 12:54 AM
2712493, Fury by relatively easy decision
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sat Feb-22-20 05:07 PM


O_E: "Acts like an asshole and posts with imperial disdain"

"I ORBITs the solar system, listenin..."

(C)Keith Murray, "
2712496, wow! love the bold prediction
Posted by Vex_id, Sat Feb-22-20 07:20 PM
I just can't see Fury maintaining the work-rate from the first fight though - *especially* coming in as heavy as he did.

I think the added weight will force him to stand and trade more than he did in the first fight - which only favors Wilder.

I see Fury getting off to a fast start, on his toes, and boxing beautifully as he can. But I don't see him doing it for 12 rounds like in the first fight.

Wilder by mid-to-late round stoppage.

2712495, Fury out boxed him the last time.
Posted by Kira, Sat Feb-22-20 06:57 PM
If it goes to decision Fury should win. This time Wilder's hand isn't injured so that bodes well for him. IMHO it ends in a knockout either way.
2712503, Anybody gotta link they can inbox me?
Posted by b2thej, Sat Feb-22-20 10:40 PM
2712504, They Both Added 15 Pounds - Who's Got That Link Tho?
Posted by Thee Phantom, Sat Feb-22-20 10:51 PM
It helps Fury the least. I'm not convinced he'll be as slippery for 12 Rounds.

2712505, damn, that punch was flush ...Washington never saw it
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Feb-22-20 11:33 PM
2712506, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sat Feb-22-20 11:41 PM
I’m going to try to check out the heavyweights again. But damn they move too slow for me, nothing like middleweights on down.

It’s crazy how boxing has changed so much in less than 2 years.

Hope to see some real boxing science.
2712507, These fights take FOREVER to start
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sat Feb-22-20 11:58 PM
2712508, breh lookin like the evil robot from Real Steel
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:10 AM
2712509, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:19 AM
Good jab work by Tyson. They are both moving well.

Gave fury that round
2712510, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:23 AM
Wilder is trying to load up on that right, not really boxing. Fury working that jab and controlling the fight. Got in a strong right before the bell

Round 2 to Fury
2712511, Wow
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:24 AM
2712512, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:27 AM
Shot was behind the head. He went down. But I don’t know about that punch.

Fury was winning that round anyway.

So 3-0 Tyson.
2712513, Wilder looks like a one trick pony. Keeps throwing the same punch.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Feb-23-20 12:28 AM
2712514, Damn...Deontay not gonna last, at this rate
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:30 AM
2712515, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:32 AM
Fury’s weight is killing wilder. ...

This is a shutout
2712516, GUILE
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Feb-23-20 12:35 AM
2712517, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:39 AM
They have to stop this fight!!

Stop this fight

2712518, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:40 AM
This is bad officiating!!

Stop this damn fight!

He is severely injured ..bleeding from the internal ear
2712519, Im legit concerned Wilder could get brain damage. Hard to watch
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Sun Feb-23-20 12:40 AM
2712522, Yea he had to have ruptured an ear drum
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Feb-23-20 12:43 AM
He wasn’t right since that ear shot - blood coming out of the ear non-stop. Equilibrium was gone. Fight should’ve been stopped much earlier.

2712520, Wooooow.
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Feb-23-20 12:41 AM
That’s why it’s called the theater of the unexpected.

Props to OE!

Fury-Joshua at Wembley?

2712521, wow fury beat him like a rented mule
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Feb-23-20 12:42 AM
2712523, So, where’s the third fight gonna be?
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:43 AM
2712524, Holy shit, Lennox Lewis was terrible on commentary.
Posted by dagu, Sun Feb-23-20 12:48 AM
2712525, So bad
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:49 AM
2712527, you gotta jab but if you arent gonna jab you gotta jab against a jabber
Posted by Oak27, Sun Feb-23-20 12:52 AM
2712529, Lol...that legit gave me the Nick Young face
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 12:54 AM
2712531, Lol I died at that
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Feb-23-20 01:38 AM

2712560, For those who weren't fortunate to hear this expert analysis the first time:
Posted by dagu, Sun Feb-23-20 11:50 PM
2712526, RE: Wilder-Fury II
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 12:51 AM
Fury all the way.

I just question the shot behind the head that sent wilder down... that created it all.
2712530, as I type this, LOL at ZERO votes for Fury by T(KO).
Posted by PROMO, Sun Feb-23-20 12:54 AM
but, that's what he did.
2712532, lol.
Posted by CyrenYoung, Sun Feb-23-20 03:19 AM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2712533, He was fucked up way too long in the fight
Posted by Ceej, Sun Feb-23-20 07:33 AM
2712534, Rabbit punch and no one said anything WOW.
Posted by Musa, Sun Feb-23-20 09:26 AM
2712535, RE: Rabbit punch and no one said anything WOW.
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 09:38 AM
Fury was dominating the fight from the beginning, but that was definitely a rabbit punch, and his ear drum got busted because of it.

He still would have lost the fight because Fury was just too big. That weight had wilder tired by the second round.

Wilder looked like a super middleweight out there compared to Fury.

Plus he has zero boxing skills
2712561, Lol who has Wilder EVER OUT BOXED
Posted by Musa, Mon Feb-24-20 07:50 AM
That was to be expected.

You don't bleed from your ear by being punched in the face.

Wilder was CLEARLY PUNCHED behind the ear in the BACK OF THE HEAD and no one said anything.

It is clear Wilder was gone after that punch.
2712588, RE: Lol who has Wilder EVER OUT BOXED
Posted by allStah, Mon Feb-24-20 02:25 PM
Agreed. Wilder has no boxing skills. And his ear drum was busted after that punch.

It still wouldn’t have mattered. Either way it go it was going to be an L. You could tell in the first two rounds that fury’s was going to kill him all night long, plus fury out boxing him.

Only shot he had was his powerful right.
2712627, Eardrum wasn't busted just a cut in the ear
Posted by Heinz, Tue Feb-25-20 02:23 PM
Your equilibrium wouldn't be that off for that many rounds after that punch. He had no legs from the get go and most boxers never train legs (odd to me,it's your foundation as much as your core). He got outboxed and legs weren't ready. If he truly was fucked from those punches he wouldn't have come out with the excuse about the costume. Stop trying to speak for him LOL


IG @erichrigonan
2712712, RE: Eardrum wasn't busted just a cut in the ear
Posted by allStah, Thu Feb-27-20 11:01 AM
We are saying the same thing.

It was all the above. It was the weight, legs being tired from the weight of fury leaning on him ,and the rabbit punch that sent him down.

He actually had a good second round and landed some power shots. That was his best round, but he got hit with that rabbit punch that affected him tremendously. And He was never the same after that. He was instantly out of it.

Now even without that rabbit punch, we can all agree that fury would have outboxed him. However, with that right hand he would have still had a SLIM shot similar to the first fight had he been able to get to later rounds...but again that’s a stretch. Fury was clearly the bigger, better more prepared fighter.

2712536, ...and the repeated rear-naked chokeholds...
Posted by bentagain, Sun Feb-23-20 10:22 AM
Wilder looked lost

Bayless didn't do him any favors

Looking for the post fight medical report

I'd be surprised if he fights again in 20'
2712537, ... It made it worse but go back to the legal shot..
Posted by Kira, Sun Feb-23-20 10:23 AM
.. 23 seconds into the second round when Wilder got hit and it busted his eardrum. It became worse after the illegal shot behind the head.
2712562, The rabbit punch changed the fight
Posted by Musa, Mon Feb-24-20 07:55 AM
he was not the same after that knock down.

2712641, maybe but if so why is Wilder making every other excuse
Posted by PG, Tue Feb-25-20 08:43 PM
I don't know.... the punch looked behind the ear but square and not to the back of the head... but I agree there's a case to be made there... and if anything it's a better case then all this other noise he's making even if it's true, his costume wore him out or his trainer was influenced by Fury's camp (smdh lol.. both of those are terrible excuses)

he was getting clobbered like nobodies business and he should be grateful his corner saved him further damage...
2712776, RE: Rabbit punch and no one said anything WOW.
Posted by S_Ali, Fri Feb-28-20 03:58 PM
I will take it a step further, if Wilder hits Fury with that punch and Fury goes down Wilder might have been disqualified. Fury benefited from not having the reputation of a puncher. It was actual several rabbit punches from Fury. He put on a great performance, punishing jab but fouls are fouls.
2712539, I hope this finally makes him get a better trainer.
Posted by b2thej, Sun Feb-23-20 10:40 AM
I've been wanting him to switch trainers since the first Ortiz fight but I knew as long as he kept winning he wouldn't do it. They were horrible in his corner. Also I think it's trash as hell how people are really shitting on him on social media. Like those 41 ko's ain't happen and don't matter. He always tried to fight the best and you gotta give him props for that.

Congrats to Fury though for following through on a game plan that I'm sure everyone not in his corner thought was a joke when he said how he was going to fight Wilder.
2712540, RE: I hope this finally makes him get a better trainer.
Posted by allStah, Sun Feb-23-20 10:42 AM
That’s how black folks do. It’s a shame.

But he is a good fighter, just needs to develop technical ability.
2712542, Yeah, I’ve being seeing that on Twitter, a lot...
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Feb-23-20 11:02 AM
“prominent” black folk making him a punchline because of last night. Dude even said he wanted to go out on his shield. He got beat, soundly...but, he ate it...said he’ll be back. It’s fucked up how he’s catching heat.
2712546, I actually thought Wilder was boxing better early on
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Feb-23-20 11:38 AM
He won the 2nd round and was throwing competent jabs to the body - and snapped a few upstairs. He was never the same after getting cracked in the ear in round 3 tho. He was a zombie walking and the fight should've been stopped.

2712558, Andre Ward pretty much called them useless
Posted by Kungset, Sun Feb-23-20 06:50 PM
he had strong words
2712577, Wilders improvement
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Mon Feb-24-20 01:33 PM
Is it possible for Wilder at 34yo to become a better more
technically skilled boxer tho?

I know some of yall understand the boxing game way better than me
so is it even at possibility to become skilled at this stage
in Wilders career or is he is what is ???
2712629, at this advanced age and after 44 fights? Seems far fetched
Posted by Tiger Woods, Tue Feb-25-20 02:40 PM
Even before this fight, Luis Ortiz was putting it on him stylistically before he got caught by Wilder's power. His style is raw and leaves him so vulnerable...and even still, that was good enough for 42 out of 44 bouts!

But to think he can reinvent himself drastically enough to go outbox the same opponent who just outboxed him, I just don't see it. He'd have to be an entirely different fighter to fare much better next time out. And, signs point to them running this fight back for a third time in the 2020 calendar year...how much different can he appear in that narrow of a window of time?

If Wilder is serious about becoming a more sophisticated fighter then he should pass on his rematch clause and take a tune up fight before a 3rd Fury fight. Let Fury go fight Joshua, and have Wilder take a way lighter opponent then come back to complete the trilogy in 2021.
2712645, he can change if he trusts that it'll help him win
Posted by tariqhu, Tue Feb-25-20 10:44 PM
and is willing to put the work into learning the skill while working on that cardio.

right now that one punch has been super effective. leads to a why change now kinda thinking.

possible, but not likely.
2712646, Here's what i don't get about Wilder criticism:
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Feb-25-20 11:31 PM

The style has been working. Like, really, really well.

Of course he *could* improve.

He hasn't changed because he found something that made
him rich, famous and until the other day, undefeated.

And to be honest:

he fought a 273lb man the other day. He was outweighed by
40lbs. I recognize that this type of thing happens at the HW
division, but the outcome seems pretty simple: he was bullied
and battered by a (highly skilled) very large human.

2712647, Fury's weight wouldnt matter
Posted by Heinz, Wed Feb-26-20 12:47 AM
Fury realized Wilders flaw in that 12th round after getting up Undertaker style, that he when he had Wilder backpedllimg he saw how akward he was. That was his game plan for this fight. He told everyone what he was gonna do and he did it. Styles make fights. Not many people rushed Wilder in his career the way Fury did because of his power would knock people out who tried.

At this level you should be 30+ and 0. You are supposed to be because you been fighting bums majority of your career. I'm not impressed by records in boxing to be honest it's not like UFC where it's harder to duck fights and you don't go through as much bullshit beginner fights for development when you finally make if to the UFC. The types of opponents and the battles I'm more impressed by.


IG @erichrigonan
2712655, LMAO! Weight doesn't matter? Do you know anything about boxing?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Feb-26-20 09:48 AM

So weight means nothing in boxing?? LMAO

Jesus Christ, glad I talked to you, oh wise one

>Fury realized Wilders flaw in that 12th round after getting
>up Undertaker style, that he when he had Wilder backpedllimg
>he saw how akward he was.

Fury also realized that Wilder is comparatively small, which is
WHY his strategy was to bully Wilder. He can TAKE Wilder's
biggest punch *because* he's significantly bigger. This is
precisely why he decided to come straight forward in the

That was his game plan for this
>fight. He told everyone what he was gonna do and he did it.
>Styles make fights. Not many people rushed Wilder in his
>career the way Fury did because of his power would knock
>people out who tried.

Right, and how many people Fury's size has Wilder fought?

In addition, Wilder isn't actually comfortable at 231lbs.
He's actually a really, really lean guy. He's looked best
at below 220 imo. I get that being 212 against a man 270 is
bad physics....but Wilder and Fury are basically in different
weight classes.

>At this level you should be 30+ and 0. You are supposed to be
>because you been fighting bums majority of your career.

LMAO -- Wilder has basically fought everyone fed to him. He
hasn't had the luxury of ducking. You can shit on him all you
want, but Wilder EARNED what he's gotten. Nothing was given to
dude. He's fought everyone. Joshua's camp has ducked him for
years. He's wanted to make every fight.

>not impressed by records in boxing to be honest it's not like
>UFC where it's harder to duck fights and you don't go through
>as much bullshit beginner fights for development when you
>finally make if to the UFC. The types of opponents and the
>battles I'm more impressed by.

2712719, Show me where I said in boxing that weight doesnt matter.
Posted by Heinz, Thu Feb-27-20 12:53 PM
It's okay to say I don't understand your point or that you want to create in your eyes what my point was LOL

Was i talking about boxing in general or weight mattering in this fight specifically? SMH. They both added weight for this fight. I dont think Fury was leaning on WIlder as much as people think. I saw more clenching from Wilder than I did see Fury leaning on him. The weight did was not a factor for the simple fact that Wilder just can't box.


IG @erichrigonan
2712710, the weight mattered because Wilder allowed it to.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Feb-27-20 10:07 AM
Fury was laying on him from the gate while landing shots. that's what made Wilder tired so early. Wilder is a rail, even though he put on weight for this fight.
2712711, yea to say that the weight doesn't matter is absurd
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Feb-27-20 10:24 AM
Fury knew how to use his weight as well. He was laying on Wilder in clinches, roughing him up on the inside, bullying him with the extra 45 pounds whenever they got mixed up.

Wilder has never been able to competently fight on the inside - and didn't even try to create distance when Fury was rushing him (although he showed he was capable of doing this earlier in his career - but not against a guy as savvy as Fury).

The weight was a big deal - especially with this style of fight.

2712718, Watch the fight again, he doesnt lean on him as much as Wilder clenched
Posted by Heinz, Thu Feb-27-20 12:52 PM

Never said general weight in boxing doesn’t matter LOL Never remotely even insinuated that. I said in this particular case, weight doesn’t matter because weight added by Fury – which Wilder added on as well), doesn’t change the fact that Wilder can't box, especially on his back foot or in the pocket. It doesn't.


IG @erichrigonan
2712725, wilder was backing up from the start.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Feb-27-20 02:02 PM
he definitely can't box. that's been clear for a while, but fury was leaning on him. wilder starting clenching when he was getting tagged. his legs were gone because of the punches and the leaning.
2712726, His legs were gone cuz his brain was coming out of his ear
Posted by Ceej, Thu Feb-27-20 02:10 PM
2712727, his legs looked gone from the first bell.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Feb-27-20 02:28 PM
2712728, yup. it was over hell early.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Feb-27-20 02:31 PM
maybe the weight he added killed his cardio. or he just didn't train well.

I don't see him winning the next fight either. he was saved in the first one because of the knock downs cuz fury was winning that too.
2712730, You gonna tell me he had the coronavirus next too lol
Posted by Heinz, Thu Feb-27-20 02:36 PM


IG @erichrigonan
2712859, I dont get it.
Posted by Ceej, Mon Mar-02-20 09:27 AM
2712729, First 2 knockdowns weren't even when they tangled up
Posted by Heinz, Thu Feb-27-20 02:34 PM
stop it. And if this was the case that Fury's weight and the leaning was too much then why havent we heard that excuse from his camp. If it was that significant then we wouldve heard that from his side before the costume excuse LOL stop it.


IG @erichrigonan
2712731, I didn't say they were tangled up.
Posted by tariqhu, Thu Feb-27-20 02:51 PM
I'm saying that when wilder realized how much he was getting buzzed and couldn't retaliate much, he started clenching.

wilder already made the excuse about the suit and mask. maybe his camp doesn't want to add fuel to the fire by adding something else on top of that. who knows.
2712962, Fury's gloves looked floppy because he CHEATED
Posted by Musa, Thu Mar-05-20 03:23 PM
2747916, Fury beats the brakes off him again
Posted by Oak27, Sat Oct-09-21 11:42 PM
2747918, Wilder still needs to go get a coach
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-09-21 11:49 PM
dude in his corner every round talking about "you are blessed w/ this weapon. this right hand" like he's about to use a anime move. give him some actual advice.
2747922, He's 35 years old. This is it.
Posted by Castro, Sun Oct-10-21 12:26 AM
He could get checks being the stepping stone for up and coming dudes, but that's about it. Unless he go into hiding for two years with Lomachenko's camp or some shit like that and by then, Fury gonna be doing movies with Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham.
2747923, he needs a gas tank.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Oct-10-21 01:57 AM
and people dont just develop one of those this late in their career (especially someone with that type of build).

commentators were already talking about how fatigued he looked and how much he was breathing through his mouth in like the 5th round.

he had a good gameplan early in the fight going to the body. clearly had fury off balance. but he got tired and and became more one dimensional and reverted back to just looking for the looping right hand.
2747928, RE: Wilder still needs to go get a coach
Posted by bentagain, Sun Oct-10-21 08:32 AM
Knew it was over from the opening bell

They claimed the weight from Wilder's costume was the reason for the previous L

So the game plan was to put on weight and stay with the same fight plan

Wilder probably should train with a weight vest anyway just to prepare for Fury leaning on him

But I saw Wilder's hands low from the opening bell
Standing flat footed in front of Fury
Looking for that 1 big right hand

All of that should have changed for this fight
The angles on his punches has to change vs Fury/a bigger man
Hands should be high and launching punches from a high guard
No movement...none.
Flat foot
Center of the ring
vs a +270lb opponent


Congrats to Fury
He's not a lot of things
but agile for his size
Quick hands
smart using his size advantage
Held and hit a few shots, but ref didn't call it

Good fight, but Wilder just needs to accept it and move on
He can't Win vs Fury.
2747988, Almost everyone underestimated just how great Fury is
Posted by Vex_id, Mon Oct-11-21 11:16 AM
He shocked me (and many others) with his performances in these past two fights. I expected him to out-box Wilder -- but did not expect him to bully Wilder and become the heavier puncher after the first bout. Fury made a clear adjustment after the first fight and just decided he was going to take advantage of being the significantly larger man - and it paid off.

Fury came in at 277 for this third fight, 40 pounds heavier than Wilder who came in at the heaviest of his career (238). Wilder was around 218-220 in the 2nd fight. Wilder clearly bulked up and put on a lot of muscle to try and deal with Fury's size, but it still wasn't enough - and he definitely gassed out earlier than normal because of the tightly-packed muscularity which never holds up well in the later rounds of a boxing match in terms of stamina.

You have to give Fury his props. He is the best HW in the world and the true lineal champ - and remains undefeated. He moves so well for a guy his size and just has an innate ability to out-maneuver/out-point his opponent with slippery defense and well-timed offensive flurries. But I would like to see some discussion of a Super HW division (250+) and a HW division (200-250). Doesn't mean those guys can't still fight each other - but the size differential was crazy in these fights and because of how big HWs are becoming in the modern era (gone are the days when the average HW was 200-220 pounds) - it may be time to explore that.

Wilder has always had stunning, thudding power - but he never mastered the sweet science from a technical standpoint (perhaps because he came into the sport so late). But he deserves tons of props for the heart he showed in going out on his shield, and has squeezed every bit of talent out of himself to become a HW champion - despite coming into the sport later in life and never really having elite tutelage to guide him.

Massive respect to both of these champions. They put it on the line and gave us one of the greatest trilogies in boxing history.
2747934, Got DAMN BUM
Posted by allStah, Sun Oct-10-21 12:08 PM
Shouldn’t even be in the ring.

I look at my old posts in her talking about his weak ass boxing skills..
and it’s still the same. All he has is one power punch. That’s it

No footwork. No stamina. No IQ. No movement.

I hate heavyweights, and
people were saying Wilder was the next big thing. We were in here talking about
Tyson years ago, and he is talented, but these fights have overrated him.

Wilder and his camp knew he doesn’t have the skillset, but he still got
in the ring...

2747990, I think Wilder is trash but I also think Fury is skilled
Posted by Tiger Woods, Mon Oct-11-21 11:37 AM
everything you say about DW is true but let's not diminish Fury's ability. He IS skilled, with a solid chin, great gas tank, and power to boot.
2747989, Super heavyweight vs a heavyweight.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Oct-11-21 11:35 AM

Wilder tried to put the weight on, but the whole
thing is just silly

A guy who routinely fights at 270lbs should not be
fighting a guy who fought below 220 a few years ago

2747994, It’s atrocious.
Posted by allStah, Mon Oct-11-21 11:56 AM
There needs to be a maximum weight limit for the heavyweight division. Today’s
heavyweight fighters make Joe Louis and Floyd Patterson look like middleweights.
Fighters are purposely going into fights weighing an enormous amount of pounds
to have a tremendous power advantage.

And it’s even worse for a fighter if he doesn’t have the boxing skills to be able to
deal with that kind of disadvantage, which was/is the boat that Wilder is in.
2748144, The writing was on the wall
Posted by snacks, Tue Oct-12-21 08:46 PM
And I really hated that it played out the way he did

He fired Mark Breeland in September of last year I believe and didn't hire a new trainer until February. I personally feel like after he won the arbitration, he should've worked something out where he got step aside money and was guaranteed the Fury/AJ winner. That way he would've gotten two camps with Malik Brown. But he was so hellbent on revenge, he rushed into this rematch without really sustainably changing anything

I hope that this fight didn't do too much long term damage on him