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Topic subjectThey are all in on everything - b/w Bottas scuttlebutt
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2727273, They are all in on everything - b/w Bottas scuttlebutt
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Dec-09-20 01:38 PM
If the win, they win decisively. If they screw up, they lose definitively. Petronas has showed a master class on double stacking before. They showed a master class on how NOT to double stack this race. Hopefully they got that out their system. This was worse then the VSC pit in Monaco a few years back

Bigger chatter is Bottas 2021. Honestly, Mercedes has no reason to make a switch at this point, as Bottas is doing exactly what they need. He's a solid #2, does enough to push Hamilton but not upset the balance of power in the pits, and gets enough points to stay comfortably ahead in the constructors championship. Unless Hamilton decides he wants to quit or shows signs of slowing down what else do you need? Nothing is gained from bringing Russell up as it will still be 1-2, with the regs staying the same in 2021. 2022 is anyone's guess. If Lewis wants to run, you may keep it the same; give Bottas another 1 year and see if Mercedes got the car right with the new regs. Upsetting the team dynamic, which is a known constant, when everything changes, which is an unknown, doesn't seem like something Totto and co. will do. Even if that means Russell takes a year off as a reserve for Mercedes until 2022, that would me a decent idea. No he's not racing, but he's tasted the best, and another team won't give him that. Now, if Mercedes looks slow in 2022, he can go elsewhere. If not, bide your time and get the best seat in the business.

But who knows.