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Topic subjectLet's not forget he had to fight in '17 and '18
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2725427, Let's not forget he had to fight in '17 and '18
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Nov-16-20 04:02 PM
At points in both those seasons, that Ferrari was faster and/or better than the Mercedes, and Lewis had a real fight with Seb. Even under pressure, you didn't see him crack.

Have to agree, losing how he did in '16 made him a much better driver. His one big weakness from that season was his starts, and he's aced that ever since. He knows how to find that extra bit of pace and make it work when needed. If something does do sideways and the results suck, he bounces back with a vengeance.

I mean... Turkey was a horrible set of circumstances for everyone, 2 teams had cars better set up for the conditions, Lewis was a full pit stop behind and still managed to win by a pit stop plus. It's not the car. It's him. Lewis is the most complete package as a driver in F1, and even his haters cannot dispute that.

The rest of the field better hope Petronas blows the new regs. If not, Lewis could go for 10