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Topic subjectMy favorite track, and the most boring race so far
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2718869, My favorite track, and the most boring race so far
Posted by spenzalii, Sun Aug-30-20 11:12 PM
This one was over on Saturday. After Lewis' Q3 lat it would have taken mechanical failure for him to lose. Were it not for some last lap heroics of Danny Ric (plus the fact the top 3 were all cruising the last 6 laps to keep the tires from going off) Hamilton would have another Grand Slam. The total wins record seems like a foregone conclusion. It could be done in September (you have to figure if he can clear the first chicane in Monza next week unscathed it's a wrap for the field). I wish the record could go down in front of fans in person, but 2020 being what it is, I'll take it.

Bottas either needs catastrophe on the other side of the garage on a 2016 level or just be satisfied coming in second again. I don't doubt he moves past Max, as he has the better car, but coming to terms with Hamilton just being better is...sobering. Still, 2nd isn't small potatoes. It's good for the team, and as has been stated before, the gap between him Bottas and Hamilton isn't as wide as the gap between Max and anybody not named Danny Ric. Speaking of....

I've heard some scuttlebutt about Albon being under pressure at RB. Not entirely sure if that's fair, as Max is a generational talent, held back by the fact that he's not Hamilton or drives for Petronas. Anybody you put beside him won't fare well. Could Albon, or Gasley, have had their car set up better for their style? Maybe. But the design really does seem to fit max more than anyone. Ricciardo gave him a challenge, but since Max is the future of the team (and rightly so, honestly) he had to leave. I hope Albon keeps the seat. Let him grow into it, and see what happens. You're not going to find a 1A for Max, so keep your B.

So, it's a pretty foregone conclusion that Ferrari had a cheater engine, right? Seeing Vettel and LeClerc out in Q2 was shameful. Every car running Ferrari power next week are going to be lapped, maybe twice. With rules locked more or less for next year, it's going to be a hard end for this era for Tiffosi faithful. Sainz may want to enjoy going fast this year, because next year doesn't look great...