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Topic subjectMax is an absolute jerk but he is fun to watch...
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2717492, Max is an absolute jerk but he is fun to watch...
Posted by Cornbread, Tue Aug-11-20 05:53 PM
I think Red Bull will be a little patient with Albon because he shows flashes of brilliance and he is definitely not a threat to Max's #1 status. He will keep them in the points and will create a good relationship between the drivers. Max is prickly and if you bring someone in that he doesn't mesh with, it will be a disaster.

I don't know what the hell is up with Ferrari's car. Whatever the secret engine settlement was had to be significant. I am not convinced next year will be better. Charles is driving the hell out of that underperforming car, though.

I am all in on Hamilton (All Black Everything!) but I do root for Ricciardo and Ocon and a few of the younger drivers. They are just not close to being in the realm of Petronas.