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2716213, Eff Red Bull
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Jul-08-20 11:03 AM
They are gonna be petty with everything this year. Karma came and bit them on the a$$ with 3 of 4 of their cars not finishing, Max first (I cackled at that).

I do feel bad for Albon though. It had to be Hamilton again, right? I think if the spin didn't drop him so far back he may not have got the penalty, but who knows. I'd have called a racing incident, but I can't be mad at the decision either. What I AM mad about is not keeping up the pace and letting Norris snatch the podium by the skin of his teeth (but happy Norris got his first podium. The elation he and his team showed was great).

Overall, really fun way to start the season. Mercedes is stupid fast, but they probably got the strategy wrong (not pitting for softs was probably not a great idea, and may have kept Hamilton far enough from Albin that he wouldn't have been in a position to have been passed). Either Ferrari has some pace in the car, or LeClerc managed to drag the car much further up the ladder than should have been possible (like Lewis in 2013). McLaren is going to be quite a problem next year.

And I'd bet money Hemilton gets the win Sunday. No chance they let the same issues and strategy undo the race Sunday.