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Topic subjectSports history: Chaney to Calipari - “I’ll kick your ass”
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2712167, Sports history: Chaney to Calipari - “I’ll kick your ass”
Posted by allStah, Thu Feb-13-20 05:08 PM
John Chaney to Calipari : One of the greatest tirades in sports history happened 30 year ago to this day.

Most people had no clue as to why that altercation occurred, including myself. Even the assistants, reporters and refs were and are still confused to this day.

Allegedly this is what happened

Apparently, Calipari was complaining to the refs after beating temple by 1 point ( This is what was reported to Chaney by his assistant, but the refs said that never happened) but Chaney got blasted for questioning a call at West Virginia, but Calipari goes after three class refs after winning a game, and was being congratulated for a great game. It made Chaney livid.

( This did happen) Plus Umass players being emotional in the face of temple players. Chaney didn’t allow his guys to do that, which Is why he stated: “ i told my guy to punch one of your player’s in the mouth.”

Basically, Calipari was this young gun coaching looking to take it to the temples, RI, WV of the conference, before Cal, temple had always beaten Umass. So Cal being Cal, he would do things as a coach to create rivalries or to get stuff going. I think that was the straw for Chaney.

Funny thing, before that encounter, Chaney was calm, and had given an interview saying it was a great win by Umass and championing their coach.