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Topic subjecteh, Portland takes a LOT of 2-point jump shots.
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2712106, eh, Portland takes a LOT of 2-point jump shots.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Feb-12-20 02:34 PM
Houston's whole thing is take a 3, avoid 2 pointers like the plague unless it's wide open or you can draw a foul. That's why is Houston is 30th in 2-point attempts... but 3rd in 2-point percentage.

Meanwhile, Portland has a number of players who like taking mid-range jumpers. Several of their key minute contributors take as many or more mid-range Js than they do 3s. They're ninth in the NBA in 2-point attempts... and 25th in 2-point percentage. I don't think that's a coincidence. They also have a much lower FT rate (bottom third of the league), because they're taking so many jumpshots.

That's the biggest gripe I have with Portland's offense. Maybe if they were making a high percentage of mid-rangers, running more of that would make sense... if you play no defense, you take a lot of mid-range shots, and you miss a lot of mid-range shots, then it's going to be really hard for you to out-score teams in the modern NBA.