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Topic subjectOdom wasn't my guy but I didn't think he would be let go...
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2708392, Odom wasn't my guy but I didn't think he would be let go...
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Dec-03-19 09:09 PM
Odom wasn't my guy but I think given his own lack of experience and the chaos he inherited (campus protests), he did a reasonable job. I didn't think he would be let go but I can see from the AD's comments why.

I thought Odom did a good enough job with the team to stay around, at least for another season. But it's easy to see that the fanbase, which never fully embraced him even though he was a former player, had turned on him. And the lack of fan support and its lack of boost in terms of revenue didn't happen this year (attendance hasn't been the same since Pinkel was there, before the protests and with the endzone renovation, reestablishing the attendence was a priority). With the season being a total disappointment - record-wise and the lack of fan interest and revenue, it's easy to see why the AD thought something had to be done.

On the field the Tigers never beat teams which were their equal much less upset the better team which is the best summary of why Odom disappointed. Even the win against Florida last year with Drew came after they lost their starting QB and couldn't score on anyone.

This was a lost year in many ways, both in outcome (no bowl, no SEC title game if the team qualified) but also in opportunity (getting Kelly Bryant and Odom finally getting the defense to come together).

I pull for them but I don't know really how the program gets much better. The school just doesn't have the resources or the cultural initiative needed to compete with schools at the top of the SEC. I see that fans don't want to stumble back to irrelevance but unless the next hire is another Pinkel - someone able to consistently make high-end food from leftovers - there isn't anywhere else to go.

The school entered the SEC East at the right time. There wasn't a dominant pecking order in the East like there is in the West and Mizzou was able to step in and win more than anyone expected. But
Florida and now Georgia are powerhouses, Kentucky seems pretty solid under Stoops and it looks like Tennessee has turned a corner. The program will probably have to take a step back before (or if) things improve. Time will tell.