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Topic subjectactually, it's addition by subtraction.
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2708384, actually, it's addition by subtraction.
Posted by PROMO, Tue Dec-03-19 05:23 PM
before he came out today and basically said he was depressed and lost passion for the job/game, you could just tell that shit by looking at him. it was hurting the team, big time.

lake is young, passionate, and really connects to recruits. who he hires to help him out will be key (he needs to fire Bush Hamdan), but people in the know really think he's gonna be great (but hey, who knows).

that said, Petersen definitely took UW football back to where it used to be in the 70s/80s/90s. he should get all the credit for that.

and, i'm happy for him. having recently been through a time where working was sucking out my soul and making me hate life, i get it. i hope he's happy doing whatever he does next, cuz he clearly was miserable these last two seasons.