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Topic subjectRE: College football coaching seems so miserable...
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2708318, RE: College football coaching seems so miserable...
Posted by allStah, Mon Dec-02-19 05:21 PM

Stoops/Meyer/Peterson all under 60 when they left.

Pete Carroll who had great success at USC ,look at how relaxed
And how old he is still coaching the Seahawks.

I think the NFL with how hard the systems are require old seasoned coaches. Young coaches in the nfl suck to me. But due to the travel and time demands of college, I think college jobs are better for young coaches, no older than 50.

In college the coaches are the stars, because the players are only their for a few years, so they are the face of the university, and they have to sell that image to recruit players. They have to be a parent and a coach, plus deal with university issues, conference issues, recruiting, interviews, all sorts of shit that pro coaches don’t have to deal with.

No one cares about pro coaches accept when they are losing, so they are in the background coaching. GMs do the drafting and scouting and that’s it. Once the season is over, they are off until mini training camps/summer OTAs. And the assistants are more in charge of those.