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2708263, 2019 College Football Coaching Carousel Post
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Dec-01-19 08:02 PM
Barry Odom out at Mizzou...can’t go 0-4 vs. Kentucky

Charlie Strong out at USF...feels like just yesterday when he got the Texas job

Matt Luke out at Ole Miss

More to come...

2708265, Steve Addazio out at Boston College
Posted by will_5198, Sun Dec-01-19 09:20 PM
these new ADs have been waiting to strike

I suppose every team in the ACC but Clemson is thinking, why not us? FSU and Miami are down, so there is opportunity (Louisville just went from winless to 5-3 in conference this year)
2708273, Louisville lost to us (FSU) they STINK
Posted by isaaaa, Sun Dec-01-19 10:48 PM
>these new ADs have been waiting to strike
>I suppose every team in the ACC but Clemson is thinking, why
>not us? FSU and Miami are down, so there is opportunity
>(Louisville just went from winless to 5-3 in conference this

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
2708266, Greg Schiano, back to Rutgers
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Dec-01-19 09:31 PM
2708449, does he realize Rutgers isn't in the Big East anymore?
Posted by will_5198, Wed Dec-04-19 09:21 PM
good luck being in the same division as Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State
2708274, I absolutely hate the Longhorns fanbase
Posted by MEAT, Sun Dec-01-19 10:52 PM
They fired or demoted a few coordinators today and it’s wild how much the websites have turned to wish fulfillment, money whipping, and daydreaming over the course of the evening.

I think Texas fans like being part of a moneyed program, more than they enjoy being a part of a winning program.

The fans talk about the entire athletic program like someone that owns a racehorse or a racing team, not like people that are all that interested in winning, but just enjoy the sport of being able to be in the game.

It’s perverse.

And I say this as a lifelong Longhorns fan. But fuck this fanbase.
2708302, Peterson out at Washington
Posted by Ceej, Mon Dec-02-19 01:57 PM
2708304, RE: Peterson out at Washington
Posted by allStah, Mon Dec-02-19 02:43 PM
He stated that he was beyond exhausted, and you’re starting to see that with a lot of college football coaches. I can see Saban leaving in the next year or so as well. He looks exhausted.

These coaches barely have 2 weeks with their families per year especially after the ncaa allowed early football signings.

This is why I think Urban goes to the pros unless ND becomes available.

2708306, College football coaching seems so miserable...
Posted by Frank Mackey, Mon Dec-02-19 03:22 PM
Just a constant grind.
2708318, RE: College football coaching seems so miserable...
Posted by allStah, Mon Dec-02-19 05:21 PM

Stoops/Meyer/Peterson all under 60 when they left.

Pete Carroll who had great success at USC ,look at how relaxed
And how old he is still coaching the Seahawks.

I think the NFL with how hard the systems are require old seasoned coaches. Young coaches in the nfl suck to me. But due to the travel and time demands of college, I think college jobs are better for young coaches, no older than 50.

In college the coaches are the stars, because the players are only their for a few years, so they are the face of the university, and they have to sell that image to recruit players. They have to be a parent and a coach, plus deal with university issues, conference issues, recruiting, interviews, all sorts of shit that pro coaches don’t have to deal with.

No one cares about pro coaches accept when they are losing, so they are in the background coaching. GMs do the drafting and scouting and that’s it. Once the season is over, they are off until mini training camps/summer OTAs. And the assistants are more in charge of those.

2708305, That’s a big blow for that conference
Posted by 3xKrazy, Mon Dec-02-19 02:57 PM
And the school obviously
2708384, actually, it's addition by subtraction.
Posted by PROMO, Tue Dec-03-19 05:23 PM
before he came out today and basically said he was depressed and lost passion for the job/game, you could just tell that shit by looking at him. it was hurting the team, big time.

lake is young, passionate, and really connects to recruits. who he hires to help him out will be key (he needs to fire Bush Hamdan), but people in the know really think he's gonna be great (but hey, who knows).

that said, Petersen definitely took UW football back to where it used to be in the 70s/80s/90s. he should get all the credit for that.

and, i'm happy for him. having recently been through a time where working was sucking out my soul and making me hate life, i get it. i hope he's happy doing whatever he does next, cuz he clearly was miserable these last two seasons.
2708319, at least they still had Jimmy Lake
Posted by will_5198, Mon Dec-02-19 05:27 PM
time will tell how he does -- his offensive hiring should be key -- but that's as good as bet as any, from within.
2708303, I almost feel bad for Strong.
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-02-19 02:41 PM
Dude went for the money.. maybe he wanted a new challenge but I really wish these coaches like Strong, Shaka, etc would stay put and build their original schools into powerhouses.

That money is hard to turn down but it’s also hard to bounce back as a Black coach after you fail at a big school. You basically have to start all over.
2708307, how much you think he made off these last 6 or so years
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Dec-02-19 03:22 PM
30 mil? plus im sure he'd still be in demand as a coordinator again. i'd take that deal 10/10 times.
2708308, breh getting 5 mil from USF over the next 2 years, just to not be there
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Dec-02-19 03:24 PM
2708314, Oh. I know his pockets are straight.
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-02-19 04:39 PM
I’m being selfish in wanting to see them build powerhouses at smaller schools.
2708317, USF is a smaller school, Strong inherited a good program from Taggert
Posted by calij81, Mon Dec-02-19 05:20 PM
He was coaching in a state and region that he knew well. I was shocked that he couldn’t succeed there. USF got worse each season he was there.
2708320, he got his big shot (albeit really late, due to racism)
Posted by will_5198, Mon Dec-02-19 05:29 PM
and two other shots before and after. sounds about right for a HC career. tough for him it didn't work out at his last two stops, but as mentioned he can build himself up as a coordinator again and he's young enough to take another go as the head man in the future.
2708337, Does anyone know what happened at USF?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Mon Dec-02-19 09:27 PM
Did Charlie just not recruit well or not develop talent?

2708411, USF & Taggart discuss Bulls football vacancy (swipe)
Posted by Marbles, Wed Dec-04-19 10:38 AM
I'm not surprised at this. But to be honest, I don't think Taggert will come in and turn USF into a competitor overnight. I hope they give him time to get the program moving in the right direction.



At least two representatives of USF have been in contact with former Bulls coach Willie Taggart regarding his old job, the Tampa Bay Times has learned.

Taggart, 43, has made it clear to friends and peers he badly wants to return to his former gig, this time for the long haul. Publicly, he has remained mostly mum since being dismissed at FSU in early November, where he amassed a 9-12 record in less than two seasons.

USF is seeking a replacement for Taggart’s predecessor, Charlie Strong, fired Sunday after completing a 4-8 season. Athletic director Michael Kelly, who is not using a search firm, said during a brief press conference Monday he would have no further comment on his search until its completion.

Saturday marks the seven-year anniversary of Taggart’s hiring at USF, where his program gradually improved every season, from 2-10 to 4-8 to 8-5 to 11-2. He left in December 2016 for Oregon, where his reported five-year, $16 million deal was a significant hike from his USF contract (five years, $9 million).

He went 7-5 in his lone season with the Ducks before getting a crack at his dream job in Tallahassee, which lasted 23 months.

Another crack at USF would not be considered a rung up the coaching ladder this time around.

It is believed Taggart ― raised in Palmetto ― wants to settle in Tampa and possibly coach his son Willie Jr., a 6-foot-1 senior quarterback who has led Tallahassee’s Florida High to this weekend’s Class 3A state title game. Rivals deems the younger Taggart a three-star prospect.

2708392, Odom wasn't my guy but I didn't think he would be let go...
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Dec-03-19 09:09 PM
Odom wasn't my guy but I think given his own lack of experience and the chaos he inherited (campus protests), he did a reasonable job. I didn't think he would be let go but I can see from the AD's comments why.

I thought Odom did a good enough job with the team to stay around, at least for another season. But it's easy to see that the fanbase, which never fully embraced him even though he was a former player, had turned on him. And the lack of fan support and its lack of boost in terms of revenue didn't happen this year (attendance hasn't been the same since Pinkel was there, before the protests and with the endzone renovation, reestablishing the attendence was a priority). With the season being a total disappointment - record-wise and the lack of fan interest and revenue, it's easy to see why the AD thought something had to be done.

On the field the Tigers never beat teams which were their equal much less upset the better team which is the best summary of why Odom disappointed. Even the win against Florida last year with Drew came after they lost their starting QB and couldn't score on anyone.

This was a lost year in many ways, both in outcome (no bowl, no SEC title game if the team qualified) but also in opportunity (getting Kelly Bryant and Odom finally getting the defense to come together).

I pull for them but I don't know really how the program gets much better. The school just doesn't have the resources or the cultural initiative needed to compete with schools at the top of the SEC. I see that fans don't want to stumble back to irrelevance but unless the next hire is another Pinkel - someone able to consistently make high-end food from leftovers - there isn't anywhere else to go.

The school entered the SEC East at the right time. There wasn't a dominant pecking order in the East like there is in the West and Mizzou was able to step in and win more than anyone expected. But
Florida and now Georgia are powerhouses, Kentucky seems pretty solid under Stoops and it looks like Tennessee has turned a corner. The program will probably have to take a step back before (or if) things improve. Time will tell.
2708573, Lane Kiffin to Ole Miss
Posted by will_5198, Sat Dec-07-19 12:21 PM
perfect match. Ole Miss will have some fun and they are used to being on probation anyway.
2708612, Lane might work there. Avoiding probation will be harder IMO
Posted by dillinjah, Sat Dec-07-19 06:10 PM
2709906, and he just hired D.J. Durkin as an assistant.
Posted by will_5198, Thu Jan-02-20 09:32 PM
already has his bad optics sunglasses on.
2708609, Mike Norvell reportedly to FSU
Posted by will_5198, Sat Dec-07-19 05:41 PM
I like Norvell, but it should be interesting what happens -- that's a big jump and there are some real challenges in Tallahassee right now
2708768, Mizzou hires Eli Drinkwitz from App State...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Dec-09-19 08:13 AM
Sterk moved quickly. I’d heard just Friday morning that Drinkwitz was one of the guys he had his eye on. Sunday he’s hired.
2708788, Too soon for Drinkwitz
Posted by bshelly, Mon Dec-09-19 11:36 AM
I worry he’s not ready. I had Fritz pegged for mizou.
2708943, Fritz was the guy most people thought...
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Dec-12-19 11:17 AM
was a no-brainer. Coached at Central Missouri and apparently, viewed Mizzou as his dream job.
2709056, good luck to that nigga. he didnt prove shit with us
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Dec-15-19 12:25 PM
all he did was drive a machine for 10 months that was already well in motion. he's going to flop w/ yall.
2709054, Ohio State co-DC/secondary coach Jeff Hafley to Boston College
Posted by will_5198, Sun Dec-15-19 12:09 PM
nice get for Boston College. that stings for Day and Ohio State; I was really impressed with what Hafley did in his year there. the overall improvement of the defense, and the turnaround for players like Fuller, Okudah and Arnette was amazing.
2709059, I think he's a future star HC...tremendous recruiter
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Dec-15-19 01:50 PM
and thought if he waited another year he could've done much better than BC

not really sure what can be accomplished there.

you'd think chris ash would be a cautionary tale here...
2709062, BC is a much better program than Rutgers
Posted by calij81, Sun Dec-15-19 03:20 PM
Plus BC plays in the ACC.

I’m not saying BC is an easy job or a great program. Just that winning 8-10 games is much more manageable at BC than Rutgers.

Obviously the key to his success will be who he hires to be his OC.
2709066, yes it's not as bad...but still not very good
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Dec-15-19 03:49 PM
>Plus BC plays in the ACC.
>I’m not saying BC is an easy job or a great program. Just
>that winning 8-10 games is much more manageable at BC than
>Obviously the key to his success will be who he hires to be
>his OC.
2709940, Joe Moorhead out at Mississippi State
Posted by will_5198, Sat Jan-04-20 02:55 PM
he didn't really make his own imprint there, despite a pretty solid product to start out with. plus it was a weird fit considering his ties.

but...it's Mississippi State. solid recruiting base, although you are sharing it with Ole Miss and you have to play Alabama/LSU/Auburn every year. I guess they can keep swinging for another Mullen, but if they keep missing, those lost recruiting cycles are going to put the program in a bad place.
2710013, Bob Diaco is our new DC + great video
Posted by calminvasion, Sat Jan-04-20 08:57 PM
Not sure how I feel about it. Holt had to go. I remember diaco having some good teams at ND, and being a very highly thought Of up and coming talent. Apparently he’s a weirdo in the Jim harbaugh, PJ Fleck mold. But this video is hilariously stupid, both because it’s so dumb, but also because bc Diaco clearly gave them plenty of material.


Had a good year at la tech and he’s still young so hopeful. Won’t have a whole lot of talent to work with.
2710015, wrong post
Posted by Dstl1, Sat Jan-04-20 09:03 PM
2710280, Egg Bowl bout to be lit - Leach to Miss State
Posted by Ceej, Thu Jan-09-20 01:35 PM
2710287, he better get some great assistants
Posted by will_5198, Thu Jan-09-20 03:27 PM
I don't think this is the right fit for either party
2710292, he has the best pressers
Posted by HecticHavoc, Thu Jan-09-20 04:23 PM
and I agree I dont think Mississippi will like his sarcasm or wit. among never "RUNNIN THE DAMN BALL!"
2710293, right???? this dude gonna get throttled in the SEC
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Jan-09-20 04:24 PM
>I don't think this is the right fit for either party

and extra weird considering they just canned Moorhead for not being a cultural fit. leach is even further away from resembling anything related to that university's culture.
2711770, Dantonio steps down at MSU (swipe)
Posted by C. Thelonius, Tue Feb-04-20 06:12 PM
Damn this shit caught me by surprise.

Mark Dantonio steps down as coach at Michigan State


Michigan State's Mark Dantonio announced Tuesday that he's stepping down from his role as the Spartans' head coach.

Dantonio coached Michigan State for 13 seasons, leading the program to three Big Ten championships, a Rose Bowl victory and a College Football Playoff berth. He won more games than any coach in program history. His past few years have been marred by controversy.

"After much reflection and discussion with my family, I feel that it is now time for a change as we enter into a new decade of Michigan State Football," Dantonio, 63, said in a statement. "... I will miss it all but feel the sacrifices that I have made away from my family must now become my priority at this time in my life."

A news conference is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. ET.

Dantonio -- along with Michigan State's athletic director and university president -- said he expected to stay with the team at the conclusion of the 2019 football season. He collected a $4.3 million retention bonus in the middle of January.

Defensive coordinator Mike Tressel has been named the Spartans' acting head coach as the school searches for a permanent replacement.

Dantonio's retirement announcement came one day after his former recruiting director, Curtis Blackwell, filed claims that Dantonio committed NCAA recruiting violations as part of an ongoing lawsuit. The new filing alleges that Dantonio helped arrange employment for the parents of two high-profile recruits. Blackwell also says that Dantonio took him on recruiting trips to a high-profile recruit's home, which is an NCAA violation.

Blackwell claimed in earlier filings for the same lawsuit that Dantonio ignored warning signs from his assistants in order to bring another recruit with a history of sexual violence to campus. That player, former defensive end Auston Robertson, was charged with sexually assaulting a teammate's girlfriend less than a year after he arrived on campus and is serving time in state prison.

Robertson was one of four members from Dantonio's 2016 recruiting class who was kicked off the team following charges of sexual assault. Three others -- Donnie Corley, Josh King and Demetric Vance -- pleaded to lesser charges after prosecutors said they assaulted a woman at a party in January 2017.

Dantonio has declined to answer any questions about the vetting process that let Robertson come to campus.

Dantonio's actions in addressing other sexual assault cases were also the subject of a January 2018 Outside the Lines report stating that since Dantonio's tenure began in 2007, at least 16 Michigan State football players had been accused of sexual assault or violence against women, according to interviews and public records obtained by Outside the Lines.

Dantonio said in his announcement Tuesday that he plans to continue to work with the athletic department at Michigan State in a "special projects" role that will help incoming and current players transition to their next challenges.

Information from ESPN's Paula Lavigne was used in this report.
2711772, Media also reporting Luke Fickell is favored to replace him n/m
Posted by C. Thelonius, Tue Feb-04-20 07:36 PM
2711784, trouble was at his doorstep
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Feb-04-20 10:56 PM
2711846, feels like it
Posted by will_5198, Wed Feb-05-20 09:35 PM
he's stubborn as hell so just stepping aside at the end of the recruiting cycle seems off-brand
2711868, He got a bag before he left too.
Posted by Ceej, Thu Feb-06-20 09:11 AM
Pretty hilarious.
2712090, Mel Tucker in at Michigan State...
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Feb-12-20 07:06 AM
2712095, "theres no transfer portals in real life"
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Feb-12-20 10:45 AM
apparently there are when you get a few million thrown at ya. bet those recruits are pumped.

as an ASU fan i am glad this is happening, Colorado was a bit of an upcoming threat to our dominance in the South for the next 5 years.
2712100, I knew that stupid comment would come back on him
Posted by will_5198, Wed Feb-12-20 12:55 PM
of course he learned well from Saban's flip-flopping.

NCAA needs to get the one-time, no-penalty transfer rule set up for all sports ASAP.
2712099, get your money black man
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Feb-12-20 12:50 PM
2712612, Scott Cochran (S&C) to Georgia
Posted by will_5198, Mon Feb-24-20 09:25 PM
normally not huge news but this is a big move within the SEC. Saban said that Cochran wants to coach and Kirby is going to let him.
2712745, weird
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Feb-27-20 04:30 PM
I get trying to hurt bama and all but now you've wasted a spot on your staff for someone with zero on-field coaching experience
2712749, He's just an internet gif/meme at this point
Posted by Ceej, Thu Feb-27-20 04:57 PM
Great hire.
2712767, he's flavor flav with a whistle instead of a clock
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Feb-28-20 09:59 AM
2713783, /transfer portal thread
Posted by will_5198, Tue Mar-24-20 02:01 PM
notable ones to me:

QB Jake Bentley: South Carolina -> Utah

wow. quite a change from a guy who was in Columbia since he was 17.

RB Trey Sermon: Oklahoma -> Ohio State

he's going to eat in that offense. I was sort of surprised he's been phased out since playing so much as a freshman; I thought he was good as any of their backs under Riley.
2713785, OSU has really hit jackpot with this transfer portal thing
Posted by 3xKrazy, Tue Mar-24-20 04:55 PM

>RB Trey Sermon: Oklahoma -> Ohio State
>he's going to eat in that offense. I was sort of surprised
>he's been phased out since playing so much as a freshman; I
>thought he was good as any of their backs under Riley.

rb depth heading into this season was looking far more dire than the average fan would ever expect from OSU
2713808, managing transfers is going to be its own beast
Posted by will_5198, Thu Mar-26-20 01:14 AM
you load up on a position so you don't have a depth issue if there is a transfer out...but then you have too many, so they all transfer out and the few left get hurt.

not to cry for the coaches or anything, it's just interesting that the transfer portal is a CFB FA period now. hopefully the one-time transfer rule gets passed soon.

and yeah -- even before he got hurt, I thought Teague was just OK.
2713811, he runs so stiff and upright it worries me, even more than beanie
Posted by guru0509, Thu Mar-26-20 05:22 PM
but without the authoritativeness

I was worried about our rb and QB depth all year and it bit us in the ass. imagine if fields had gotten hurt, Chuganov or whatever his name is was no better than Joe Bauserman

>you load up on a position so you don't have a depth issue if
>there is a transfer out...but then you have too many, so they
>all transfer out and the few left get hurt.
>not to cry for the coaches or anything, it's just interesting
>that the transfer portal is a CFB FA period now. hopefully the
>one-time transfer rule gets passed soon.
>and yeah -- even before he got hurt, I thought Teague was just
2713813, I thought he looked really good early in the year
Posted by 3xKrazy, Thu Mar-26-20 07:16 PM
late in the season and against clemson he seemed kinda lost in the moment.

assuming he comes back 100% from the injury i think he can be a very good back especially in such a multi-dimensional offense...but having more depth back there is key.