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Topic subjectDamn, James Wiseman ruled ineligible...
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2706731, Damn, James Wiseman ruled ineligible...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Nov-08-19 06:16 PM
say Penny paid for "thousands" of dollars in moving expenses when he moved from Nashville to Memphis in high school. OOF.
2706735, RE: $11,500 in moving expenses
Posted by bentagain, Fri Nov-08-19 06:39 PM
...for an in-state move...

I call bullshit.
2706737, He’s playing tonight due to an emergency restraining order
Posted by DJR, Fri Nov-08-19 06:40 PM
Or something. What the hell.
2706738, Calipari probably snitched on Penny
Posted by DJR, Fri Nov-08-19 07:54 PM
2706740, Cuz somebody's worried about Penny? Lol
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Fri Nov-08-19 10:25 PM
2706742, this kid was supposed to be a Kentucky lock, no?
Posted by DJR, Fri Nov-08-19 10:51 PM
2706743, A lot of kids claim to be ______ locks.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Fri Nov-08-19 11:49 PM
We lose out on kids all the time.
2706739, RE: Damn, James Wiseman ruled ineligible...
Posted by MaxPtah, Fri Nov-08-19 07:54 PM
Crazy thing is that Gary Parrish called it on his radio show two weeks ago because he had been held out of two exhibition games because "ankle issues". He said there may be more to the story, but then got a call from someone in the athletic office and was told by the NCAA that he was cleared to play. Then all of a sudden this. We went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in six days. Damn!
2706893, From what I read what made it a violation.
Posted by allStah, Mon Nov-11-19 12:44 PM
Is that penny donated 1 million dollars to the school before he was a coach, so by doing that he had become a booster according to the NCAA, so when he paid 11,500 for moving expenses for the kid it was seen as payment by a booster.

So had penny not given the school 1 million dollars before being the coach, the moving expense payment would have been legal ?

Also the school reported it back in may so it wasn’t some snitch thing. It appears that it was a technical violation.
2706899, i also heard that was the reason...
Posted by PROMO, Mon Nov-11-19 02:47 PM
and if the only reason it's illegal is because he made that donation, the NCAA should jump in front of a bus.
2706936, Fucking bullshit. Like Coach K or Calipari haven't done this.
Posted by Castro, Tue Nov-12-19 09:50 PM
2707064, Well obviously Coach Cal hasn’t done that.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Thu Nov-14-19 04:33 PM
2706985, I hope they play him all season long.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Nov-13-19 12:54 PM
Thumb their noses at the NCAA. Would love if every team did this when the NCAA is on their bullshit. It'd be the end of the NCAA. My dream come true.
2707046, RE: Damn, James Wiseman ruled ineligible...
Posted by MaxPtah, Thu Nov-14-19 12:05 PM
2707552, 12 Games
Posted by MaxPtah, Wed Nov-20-19 05:14 PM

and according to Pat Forde it could be more to come because Memphis stood up to the NCAA...

double shit...
2707660, Jerry Tarkanian, we miss you!
Posted by The Real, Fri Nov-22-19 11:16 AM

2707597, The NCAA is totally despicable
Posted by allStah, Thu Nov-21-19 01:09 PM
You fine a kid 11,500 for taking money for moving expenses. This is beyond logical and fair. So where is he going to get the money from?

However, you’re going to allow him to play during March madness so you can make money off of him.
2707598, what a bunch of sanctimonious bullshit.
Posted by Dr Claw, Thu Nov-21-19 01:11 PM
because he was a "booster" it's illegal? but if he was just some coach, it'd be all good? LMAOOOOOOOO
2707661, Basically
Posted by The Real, Fri Nov-22-19 11:17 AM
And all of this was done prior to Penny even being the Memphis coach.

2707600, Pardon my ncaa ignorance
Posted by Cenario, Thu Nov-21-19 01:18 PM
But the kid can get penalized bc the parebt accepted something? What if it was unbeknownst to the player? He still gets penalized?

And when they start fining the player?
2707665, I can answer these.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Nov-22-19 01:53 PM
>But the kid can get penalized bc the parebt accepted


>What if it was unbeknownst to the player? He still gets penalized?

Yes, though most players who get caught in this situation all say they didn't know, so it's hard to tell when that's a line and when it's the truth.

>And when they start fining the player?

That is... new, and, of course, insane.
2707673, Sheeesh, while system is dumb
Posted by Cenario, Fri Nov-22-19 07:46 PM
2707674, racist. They not gonna let Penny be Blk Calipari. End of story.
Posted by Castro, Fri Nov-22-19 08:27 PM
2707675, I don’t think race has anything to do with it.
Posted by allStah, Fri Nov-22-19 08:51 PM
Calipari was outed at Umass and at Memphis, both programs suffered when he left.

And Pitino was terminated and stripped of a championship at Louisville.
This is just the NCAA flexing it’s authority whenever anyone tries to challenge it.

2709226, Leaving Memphis...will prepare for the draft
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Dec-19-19 02:56 PM
2709229, Good for him. Get paid. Don't let the NCAA profit from your play.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Dec-19-19 03:05 PM
2709230, congratulations to the NCAA for failing to exploit a talented player
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Dec-19-19 03:15 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2709232, Basically...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Thu Dec-19-19 03:49 PM
..fuck the ncaa.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
2709268, kinda crazy tho.
Posted by will_5198, Thu Dec-19-19 11:57 PM
the Penny connection going back so far and all. surprised he's not coming back.
2709272, terrible ROI for Penny
Posted by Ceej, Fri Dec-20-19 09:26 AM