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Topic subjectif you dont know who nyjer morgan is...sit down.
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2706132, if you dont know who nyjer morgan is...sit down.
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Oct-31-19 05:40 AM
this isnt for you.

where were you in 2007?

it dont matter i guess but...this title is for the fans who been down.

this is for roger bernadina.

this is for dmitri da meathook young

this is for micheal morse.

when they lost 100 games...and nobody went tp the games

now...look at us.

its cool.

nationals are world series champions

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
2706138, congrats.
Posted by LAbeathustla, Thu Oct-31-19 08:02 AM

2706143, Wore my Nyjer Morgan jersey to Game 4
Posted by Call It Anything, Thu Oct-31-19 09:23 AM
This team used #StayInTheFight on Twitter, but Tony Plush straight stayed in fights.
2706152, That's a name I haven't heard in a long time
Posted by The Real, Thu Oct-31-19 09:44 AM