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Topic subjectAnything changed since two months ago?
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2754648, Anything changed since two months ago?
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Jan-08-22 03:35 AM
Last time you asked, Zion was hurt, Ja was dope. Now, Zion’s still hurt, Ja’s still dope.

But Zion on the floor is better than Ja on the floor. Zion’s already been an All-Star.

If I was given a reason to think, like, he’ll literally never play again? Sure, you go Ja. Ja’s fucking awesome.

But big men with health issues like Joel had, like AD tends to have… are still transformative players and absurd playoff weapons when on the court.

So, yeah. Nothing’s really different. Maybe next year, I’ll change my mind. Or not. He’s still only 21. And put up 27 and 7 at age 20. *shrug*