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Topic subjectSure. It's also reasonable to suggest that's not the case.
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2705386, Sure. It's also reasonable to suggest that's not the case.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Oct-23-19 11:06 AM
He was thirty seconds into a game with a brand new pair of shoes, making a move that didn't involve much force at all. It's not like he was coming down off a rebound or dunk. He was making a pretty straight forward move to the basket.

That and he's blown out one pair of shoes ever in... how many games of HS/AAU/college? He's done that same dribble into the basket a million times and blown out one pair of shoes. A brand new pair. Thirty seconds into a game.

I'm sure one can draw correlations when a shoe explodes with a freak athlete... but since he's never exploded a shoe before or since and wasn't making an especially athletic or forceful move when it exploded, I think it's very reasonable to chalk up the shoe explosion as freak as well.