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Topic subjectyoung buck didnt even make it to opening day.
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2705263, young buck didnt even make it to opening day.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Oct-22-19 01:50 PM
i think overreacting is just reacting at this point lol.

especially with the escalating diagnosis. seems to be some pretty palpable uncertainty early on. it went from cautionary to corrective/remedial. 'weeks' turned into months. just looks like theres already some bit of panic/disarray in the organization.

the way he plays, the weight, the potential for accelerated degeneration of/around the knee joint once you start reshaping the cartilage/collagen, etc.

not a lot of cause for optimism fam.

even those acute contact/freak knee injuries you mentioned...they arent directly attributed to weight...but they do contribute to the general wear and tear of the knee, overcompensation of other parts, and just throwing off the ordinary equilibrium/balance/stability of such a complex/sensitive part of the body (small changes in angle/degree of range/motion can have significant effects).