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Topic subjectwell, let's break these issues down.
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2705258, well, let's break these issues down.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Oct-22-19 01:05 PM
He had a knee sprain in college because his shoe exploded and his leg bent, not because of his gait/weight/whatever.

He had a bone bruise on his knee in the preseason because he banged knees with someone. Again, not his gait/weight/whatever.

I don't have info on his meniscus tear, when it happened this preseason. I'm not even saying Zion *doesn't* need to lose weight necessarily. Maybe, if non-contact knee injuries happen to him consistently, we'll know then.

But, until now, he hasn't had a knee injury without obvious cause. So I default to the fact that the kid is a freak. He shouldn't be able to do *any* of this, lol. But he can. So I'm not going to overreact to this, no matter what Twitter tells me, because one knee injury without obvious cause is not a big enough sample size to counter his freakness. Simple as that, really.