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Topic subjectKnee soreness my ass.
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2705186, Knee soreness my ass.
Posted by allStah, Mon Oct-21-19 05:10 PM
People saw this a mile away, but were called haters. It has always been evident.

Rafael Nadal comes to mind. Dude was playing tennis with great aggression and power, just like Boris Becker. And people were like there is no way his career is going to survive that way, and he would end of just like Becket. Well, it started to happen, dude started to pick up injuries, and at one point was written off. It all hit in 2012, and he had to withdraw from the Olympics. He missed a lot of time from 2014-2015, and his rankings dropped.

But, in this situation, Nadal listened, and changed his way of playing, and now he is close to passing Federer for the most Grand Slams. He is more fundamental and technical now, still showing athleticism here and there.

WE have seen this over and over with so many athletes. It's not hate.

Will Williamson drop weight and balance out his playing? He must if he wants to continue and not end up like oden, bowie, roy, etc