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Topic subjectthis is just simple biological mechanics.
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2704974, this is just simple biological mechanics.
Posted by allStah, Fri Oct-18-19 12:04 PM
A guy with his weight, and moving explosively like a wing player, is going to do damage to his lower foundation or back.

It's like he is a guard trapped in a power forward's body. I have never seen a power forward with his weight or size move the way that he does, except for Larry Johnson and Charles Barkley, and both had to deal with back injuries during their careers. For Charles, luckily, it was at the end of his career, but Larry Johnson's career was derailed by it. The point is the way that they played and moved, and the weight that they carried, was a huge force on their bodies.

This guy plays with so much applied force, he busted out of his shoe. This guy drives to the basket like a derrick rose, and even his knees couldn't deal with his explosiveness and jumping ability.

Either he is going to have to change his style of play, similar to what Johnson had to do, or drop some serious weight.

Zion is explosive as hell. Can't wait until sportscenter's sport science does a segment on his physics.