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Topic subjectZion did what he did last on a team with *no shooting.*
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2704545, Zion did what he did last on a team with *no shooting.*
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Oct-12-19 05:54 PM
No shooting, as in, Zion was the best 3-point shooter on the team, lol (he actually shot a very respectable 37% from 3 in ACC play). Anyone else of consequence for Duke shot 33% or worse from 3. So teams just started throwing 3 guys in the middle against us by season's end to slow Zion, and K's response was "keep shooting 3s, gang, we'll make enough." It was... not a good strategy.

This year, Zion will be with JJ Redick, E'Twuan Moore, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and guys like Ingram and Holiday, guys who've had good distance shooting seasons in the past who'll benefit from improved ball movement and defensive focus on the interior. He'll still be a matchup nightmare for teams, because he's too fast for NBA bigs and too strong for NBA wings. One could argue he's a Top 3 most athletic guy in the NBA from the day he steps on the court.

How that will all work in his favor will depend on how his game continues to develop, of course. But as teams adjust to him, he'll be adjusting to them. And he's one of the hardest working, highest motor guys I've seen in college in some time. I'm not concerned about his ability to be very good and stay that way.