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Topic subjectZion outchea pushing a 2 time DPOY chest in for fun
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2704527, Zion outchea pushing a 2 time DPOY chest in for fun
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-12-19 12:43 PM

kid looks unstoppable right out the gate. gentry got him always catching the ball on the move too.

got whatever he wanted vs Chicago too

i know folks are still (foolishly) iffy about his jumper, but im iffy about teams being able to even force him into taking jumpers off what i seen so far.
2704528, Looks like MFers haven't realized he's lefty yet
Posted by bentagain, Sat Oct-12-19 12:51 PM
I think the league will catchup to him

He's still got greatness in his game

But I don't foresee 82 games of 5ft and in attempts

Serious question about his game

How did Duke not run the tourney?
2704531, general tournament randomness + RJ
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Oct-12-19 01:21 PM

>How did Duke not run the tourney?

at the end of the day that was a 2 man team and K barely got off his seat all season.
2704545, Zion did what he did last on a team with *no shooting.*
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Oct-12-19 05:54 PM
No shooting, as in, Zion was the best 3-point shooter on the team, lol (he actually shot a very respectable 37% from 3 in ACC play). Anyone else of consequence for Duke shot 33% or worse from 3. So teams just started throwing 3 guys in the middle against us by season's end to slow Zion, and K's response was "keep shooting 3s, gang, we'll make enough." It was... not a good strategy.

This year, Zion will be with JJ Redick, E'Twuan Moore, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and guys like Ingram and Holiday, guys who've had good distance shooting seasons in the past who'll benefit from improved ball movement and defensive focus on the interior. He'll still be a matchup nightmare for teams, because he's too fast for NBA bigs and too strong for NBA wings. One could argue he's a Top 3 most athletic guy in the NBA from the day he steps on the court.

How that will all work in his favor will depend on how his game continues to develop, of course. But as teams adjust to him, he'll be adjusting to them. And he's one of the hardest working, highest motor guys I've seen in college in some time. I'm not concerned about his ability to be very good and stay that way.
2704955, Top 1, you mean
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-18-19 06:55 AM
There is no better athlete than Zion right now.
2704964, I know, I was just being polite.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Oct-18-19 09:31 AM
>There is no better athlete than Zion right now.

As a Duke fan, I try to avoid superlatives about my dudes to seem more partial. But yeah, in this case, the superlative is correct.
2711082, I remember this post
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Jan-23-20 12:18 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2704547, How can anyone watch him and wonder about him?
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Oct-12-19 06:02 PM
Look at that fast break a little more than a minute in. How it starts. How many dudes with his strength and speed and handle combination in the league?

Then look at those plays for the comeback-- how QUICK his second jump his, how skilled he is for his size on the dribble drive, how soft his touch is inside.

lmao @ Ed Davis, looking like he's 18 again when trying to face Zion, man.

Dude's unreal.
2704628, Below the foul line, its like pre knee injury Larry Johnson all over again.
Posted by Castro, Sun Oct-13-19 09:41 PM
Super quick and super strong with a soft touch....and he can shoot from range, which LJ really couldn't do until later in his career.
2704758, larry johnson is a perfect analogy
Posted by naame, Tue Oct-15-19 11:20 AM

America has imported more warlord theocracy from Afghanistan than it has exported democracy.
2704953, Except Zion is better
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-18-19 06:51 AM
Yes, I fully remember pre injury Larry. Zion is better by a considerable margin. Zion’s gonna be doing 25 per by next year.
2705214, Zion is the new era version.... LJ did 22 and 10 pre injury in his 2nd year
Posted by Castro, Mon Oct-21-19 09:30 PM
3rd year, knee injury and that is it. Only difference between them is LJ wasn't shooting threes until he was a Knick as the game hwas just moving in that direction.
2705216, Pretty sure LJ was a back injury
Posted by DJR, Mon Oct-21-19 09:58 PM
2705222, RE: Pretty sure LJ was a back injury
Posted by Castro, Tue Oct-22-19 06:51 AM
Yup, but same issue...playing super physical
2704631, RE: Zion outchea pushing a 2 time DPOY chest in for fun
Posted by allStah, Sun Oct-13-19 10:21 PM
He is Charles Barkley on crack

That’s how chuck was, this undersized big with a motor, able
to dribble coast to coast and dunk. No big could stop him.
2704632, i love them handoffs and shovel passes they give him up top
Posted by Reeq, Sun Oct-13-19 10:22 PM
with a path to the rim.
2704636, if the league's best rim protector can't stop him at the rim
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Oct-14-19 02:20 AM
who is supposed to?

dude has ridiculous hangtime, body control and can finish with either hand.

he's going to give folks work from eight feet and in, period.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2704811, i love what they are doing to get him going, too
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Oct-15-19 10:37 PM
handoffs that use him like a halfback, staggered screens to get him multiple chances to receive the rock on the move, giving him paint catches and of course isos so he can attack off a pump fake or a hard first bounce.
2704954, embiid is not going to have that shit.
Posted by bshelly, Fri Oct-18-19 06:53 AM
2704642, Gobert? I've been saying he was overrated
Posted by ThaTruth, Mon Oct-14-19 08:39 AM
2704649, Been saying he's a NBA all star since 2016, won't let up now.
Posted by isaaaa, Mon Oct-14-19 10:24 AM

Anti-gentrification, cheap alcohol & trying to look pretty in our twilight posting years (c) Big Reg
2704759, i was really surprised seeing that highlight
Posted by naame, Tue Oct-15-19 11:21 AM
Gobert was looking slow and small

America has imported more warlord theocracy from Afghanistan than it has exported democracy.
2704772, Dude looks like Jim Brown on the basketball court
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Tue Oct-15-19 01:02 PM
No one should bite on his fakes because he isn't settling for jumpers, like ever. Teams will make little adjustments like that but unless dudes can get all get a lot stronger overnight, he is gonna be EEEEEEEEEEEEEATING all season.
2704877, Jabari Parker got Oliver Miller arms
Posted by bentagain, Wed Oct-16-19 09:03 PM
Looks like he’s been injecting creatine

Somebody should tell him that’s not the way to do it
2704965, anyone concerned about his knee(s)...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Oct-18-19 09:37 AM
Woj was saying they are being cautious and this wasn't just typical preseason rest.
2704969, Breaking: Woj...Zion will miss "weeks" to start the season
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Oct-18-19 10:45 AM
2704970, ... are we surprised they're being cautious?
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Oct-18-19 11:38 AM
If he's got some soreness, why push him right now? He's 19 in a year when they have no chance in the playoffs. Take your time with him.
2704971, who mentioned being surprised? I simply asked the room...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Oct-18-19 11:47 AM
if anyone was concerned?
2704972, If someone is concerned that a 19-year-old has a sore knee...
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Oct-18-19 11:55 AM
... then they've already got some Zion agenda to push, tbh.

If he ripped something major or needed a backiotomy, that'd be one thing. But a couple of weeks for knee soreness? lol, nah
2704973, agenda? There's literally no one who doesn't like him. Geez, man.
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Oct-18-19 11:57 AM
2704981, See the two replies below though, lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Oct-18-19 12:54 PM
Agendas don’t have to be “he sucks.” The agenda I always see with Zion is “he can’t play this way, he has to play this other way.” So they’re going to take a very minor soreness issue and translate it into “we know better than Zion and his coaches how Zion should play, and this proves it!” Which is, in my opinion, incredibly silly.
2705208, Is it still silly? Seems like you are running off of emotion
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Oct-21-19 07:53 PM
I get it.. but still, dude is huge and jumping out of the building. It’s not sustainable at his size.

2705211, Yes, it’s still silly.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Oct-21-19 09:03 PM
I refuse to assign a reason for back-to-back knee injuries like “it’s the physics of his body,” because I don’t understand what his body can or can’t handle, and neither does anyone else here, really.

I’m happy to re-evaluate if the shit becomes truly chronic, but seems to me people are overreacting, as they do in the 24-hour news cycle sports hot take era.
2704985, dude if you say anything that can be remotely construed as being...
Posted by ThaTruth, Fri Oct-18-19 01:56 PM
"against" Zion people will come out the woodwork on you lol
2705000, Too bad Coach K didn’t just sit him out last year once he got hurt
Posted by DJR, Sat Oct-19-19 06:39 AM
2705031, he did, lmao
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Oct-19-19 05:55 PM
Then, when he was better, Zion wanted to play, so he played.

Weird how that works!
2705187, Sat him out for good
Posted by DJR, Mon Oct-21-19 05:17 PM
But you knew what I meant.
2705212, Yeah, I mean, he was medically cleared and he wanted to play.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Oct-21-19 09:03 PM
What’s K gonna do when the player and the doctors say he’s good?
2705217, Cool. Maybe the Pels should sit him for the year.
Posted by Basaglia, Mon Oct-21-19 09:58 PM
Dion is who I said he was. A fucktard.
2705223, Maybe? Worked for Embiid
Posted by DJR, Tue Oct-22-19 07:34 AM
Kyrie is who I feared he was. A sidekick gunner.
Posted by Basaglia, Wed Oct-23-19 08:27 AM
The Hall of Fame got plenty of those. So...thanks.

That don’t have half-fat delusional scrubs tho.
2704974, this is just simple biological mechanics.
Posted by allStah, Fri Oct-18-19 12:04 PM
A guy with his weight, and moving explosively like a wing player, is going to do damage to his lower foundation or back.

It's like he is a guard trapped in a power forward's body. I have never seen a power forward with his weight or size move the way that he does, except for Larry Johnson and Charles Barkley, and both had to deal with back injuries during their careers. For Charles, luckily, it was at the end of his career, but Larry Johnson's career was derailed by it. The point is the way that they played and moved, and the weight that they carried, was a huge force on their bodies.

This guy plays with so much applied force, he busted out of his shoe. This guy drives to the basket like a derrick rose, and even his knees couldn't deal with his explosiveness and jumping ability.

Either he is going to have to change his style of play, similar to what Johnson had to do, or drop some serious weight.

Zion is explosive as hell. Can't wait until sportscenter's sport science does a segment on his physics.

2704976, He gotta drop the weight
Posted by AtoZ 0toInfinity, Fri Oct-18-19 12:15 PM
It'll be to his benefit in the long run
and at the same time
Work on that 15-18ft off the dribble pull up

I want him to have a long healthy career
2704983, RE: He gotta drop the weight
Posted by allStah, Fri Oct-18-19 01:51 PM

Dude is such a talent, and hungry as hell.
2705176, out 6-8 weeks after surgery to repair torn right meniscus
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Oct-21-19 03:50 PM
2705177, this sux for him.
Posted by tariqhu, Mon Oct-21-19 03:58 PM
I kinda thought he had something torn coming out of college. that shoe tearing fall was just awkward.

when are they saying this supposedly happened?
2705183, Gentry says they think it happened against the Spurs, last week
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Oct-21-19 04:26 PM
2705184, was it when he bumped knees with someone?
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Oct-21-19 04:37 PM
I know that happened in one of the games.
2705188, haven't seen anything that says
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Oct-21-19 05:20 PM
2705178, Well damn.
Posted by Beezo, Mon Oct-21-19 03:58 PM
2705179, my favourite sports medicine YouTube channel called it:
Posted by wrecknoble, Mon Oct-21-19 04:01 PM
I've Never Been More Worried Watching an NBA Game | Zion Williamson Injury Risk

"The regular season is a few days away and there's already some concern surrounding New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson and a possible knee injury. I've never been more worried watching a player in the NBA then when Zion Williamson is on the court. The combination of an abnormal gait pattern and his body weight and playing style make me really concerned about him getting hurt."

2705246, his walk is all fucked up
Posted by Amritsar, Tue Oct-22-19 11:26 AM
iont know how I never noticed that
2705248, ....and dude dropped this when it was just “soreness”
Posted by Dstl1, Tue Oct-22-19 11:42 AM
2705278, Yeah he's good. I look at a lot of his vids too.
Posted by B.J.S.301, Tue Oct-22-19 06:14 PM
He did call it.
2705186, Knee soreness my ass.
Posted by allStah, Mon Oct-21-19 05:10 PM
People saw this a mile away, but were called haters. It has always been evident.

Rafael Nadal comes to mind. Dude was playing tennis with great aggression and power, just like Boris Becker. And people were like there is no way his career is going to survive that way, and he would end of just like Becket. Well, it started to happen, dude started to pick up injuries, and at one point was written off. It all hit in 2012, and he had to withdraw from the Olympics. He missed a lot of time from 2014-2015, and his rankings dropped.

But, in this situation, Nadal listened, and changed his way of playing, and now he is close to passing Federer for the most Grand Slams. He is more fundamental and technical now, still showing athleticism here and there.

WE have seen this over and over with so many athletes. It's not hate.

Will Williamson drop weight and balance out his playing? He must if he wants to continue and not end up like oden, bowie, roy, etc

2705232, I'd sit him for the season
Posted by The Real, Tue Oct-22-19 09:39 AM

2705240, Like Mike K should’ve??
Posted by Beezo, Tue Oct-22-19 10:27 AM
2705238, RE: Zion outchea pushing a 2 time DPOY chest in for fun
Posted by allStah, Tue Oct-22-19 10:23 AM

Zion is the third heaviest player in the league, and he is knot knee. I didn’t know that.
2705239, Shams reporting the Pelicans don’t think it’s a weight issue.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Oct-22-19 10:26 AM
Weird that their doctors and staff would disagree with some of the medical professionals in this post!
2705244, watch the video I posted above
Posted by wrecknoble, Tue Oct-22-19 10:53 AM
It really has to do with his gait and the way he plays
2705245, RE: Shams reporting the Pelicans don’t think it’s a weight issue.
Posted by allStah, Tue Oct-22-19 11:02 AM
other medical analysts are saying the same thing.

Jay Williams ( dukie!) just stated that the issues were always there with his weight and being knot knee. When he jumps and lands his knees go in, plus the weight and force compounding the issue.

If his leg form was straight, then I guess he would be able to distribute the force and weight evenly...

So weight is an issue... I would imagine the weight drop will reduce the load on being knot knee.
2705247, team doctors have never been wrong. ask kevin durant.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Oct-22-19 11:41 AM
its funny that damn near everyone predicted he would have knee issues because of his weight.

so he has knee issues in preseason and now will miss the start of the season with knee issues...but his weight has been absolutely ruled out as a factor? lol ok.

they went from being cautious with minor soreness...to ok its a lil worse but no surgery...to ok yeah we gonna need some surgery.

why trust everything they say *now*?

2705258, well, let's break these issues down.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Oct-22-19 01:05 PM
He had a knee sprain in college because his shoe exploded and his leg bent, not because of his gait/weight/whatever.

He had a bone bruise on his knee in the preseason because he banged knees with someone. Again, not his gait/weight/whatever.

I don't have info on his meniscus tear, when it happened this preseason. I'm not even saying Zion *doesn't* need to lose weight necessarily. Maybe, if non-contact knee injuries happen to him consistently, we'll know then.

But, until now, he hasn't had a knee injury without obvious cause. So I default to the fact that the kid is a freak. He shouldn't be able to do *any* of this, lol. But he can. So I'm not going to overreact to this, no matter what Twitter tells me, because one knee injury without obvious cause is not a big enough sample size to counter his freakness. Simple as that, really.
2705262, yeah i aint worried about it yet
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Oct-22-19 01:40 PM
2705263, young buck didnt even make it to opening day.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Oct-22-19 01:50 PM
i think overreacting is just reacting at this point lol.

especially with the escalating diagnosis. seems to be some pretty palpable uncertainty early on. it went from cautionary to corrective/remedial. 'weeks' turned into months. just looks like theres already some bit of panic/disarray in the organization.

the way he plays, the weight, the potential for accelerated degeneration of/around the knee joint once you start reshaping the cartilage/collagen, etc.

not a lot of cause for optimism fam.

even those acute contact/freak knee injuries you mentioned...they arent directly attributed to weight...but they do contribute to the general wear and tear of the knee, overcompensation of other parts, and just throwing off the ordinary equilibrium/balance/stability of such a complex/sensitive part of the body (small changes in angle/degree of range/motion can have significant effects).
2705380, LOL. How many exploding sneakers you seen before?
Posted by Orbit_Established, Wed Oct-23-19 09:45 AM
"He had a knee sprain in college because his shoe exploded and his leg bent, not because of his gait/weight/whatever."

how many exploding shoes have you seen?

it's perfectly reasonable to think that the exploding shoe
is a product of the force that he generates because of his
weight and explosiveness


O_E: "Acts like an asshole and posts with imperial disdain"

"I ORBITs the solar system, listenin..."

(C)Keith Murray, "
2705386, Sure. It's also reasonable to suggest that's not the case.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Oct-23-19 11:06 AM
He was thirty seconds into a game with a brand new pair of shoes, making a move that didn't involve much force at all. It's not like he was coming down off a rebound or dunk. He was making a pretty straight forward move to the basket.

That and he's blown out one pair of shoes ever in... how many games of HS/AAU/college? He's done that same dribble into the basket a million times and blown out one pair of shoes. A brand new pair. Thirty seconds into a game.

I'm sure one can draw correlations when a shoe explodes with a freak athlete... but since he's never exploded a shoe before or since and wasn't making an especially athletic or forceful move when it exploded, I think it's very reasonable to chalk up the shoe explosion as freak as well.

2705257, 6 to 8 weeks fam
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Oct-22-19 12:53 PM
2705261, Let's name very athletic guys w/ high verticals that didn't have a knee
Posted by RandomFact, Tue Oct-22-19 01:36 PM
I'll start.

2705280, really sucks for the league that he’s out
Posted by DJR, Tue Oct-22-19 06:36 PM
Takes a lot of the fun out of this season opening matchup.

Hopefully it’s just a blip and we’re overreacting. For example, Julius Randle (obviously not as explosive or big - but still a big man himself) had a season ending leg injury a few minutes into his first game, and he has hardly missed any time the last 4 years.
2705376, its physics, unless dude drops weight and/or changes his game he will...
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Oct-23-19 09:21 AM
not have a long career.

A good example to follow would probably be Blake Griffin who came into the league with ridiculous athleticism trying to dunk over everybody but had trouble staying healthy and had to adapt and change his game and develop a floor game and become more perimeter oriented.
2705377, and is out right now with knee soreness...
Posted by Dstl1, Wed Oct-23-19 09:29 AM
RJ said almost verbatim what you just said on Get Up, this morning. Blake is the closest we have to that body doing those things...and still, Zion is even more extreme.
2709846, wasnt he supposed to be back by now?
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-01-20 05:38 PM
2709847, they had to teach him how to walk
Posted by Nabs, Wed Jan-01-20 05:59 PM
so his first game might be sometime this month if they're lucky.
2709880, Team is “hopeful” for a January return
Posted by Dstl1, Thu Jan-02-20 11:02 AM
2709882, They should only bring him back if they truly think they're a playoff team.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jan-02-20 11:12 AM
I know they're second to last in the West, but they're only four games back from the 8 seed. While I don't necessarily love the idea of them pushing Zion back into the mix just to line up to get killed by the Lakeshow, I think it'd be great for getting the fans excited about the Zion era and could possibly even show free agents that they're not just tanking and fucking around, they're trying to win sooner rather than later.

If they don't think the playoffs are truly attainable, then just let him train this season, bring him in next year, and hope for a Top 3 pick.
2709883, i'd sit him out regardless
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jan-02-20 11:14 AM
they arent a FA destination anyway. at least not for the high line talent. tank it out, get a higher draft pick and run it back next year w/ zion and ingram.
2709884, I say they should play him.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Jan-02-20 11:23 AM
If he's healthy, why not?

Like, is he at any more risk now to get injured than if they wait a year?
Get him out there playoffs or not. He needs playing time.
2709888, Right? If he’s healthy, play him
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Jan-02-20 12:54 PM
I hate this new era where no one wants to play unless they have something the play for..

2710669, I think he’s supposed to play tonight
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-15-20 12:18 PM
2710697, they said in a week
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jan-15-20 08:45 PM
2711066, Here we go
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Jan-22-20 09:42 PM
2711067, early: he looks like he hasn't played in months. shocker
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Jan-22-20 09:49 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711068, commentators coming up with different ways to call him fat.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-22-20 10:07 PM
i feel bad for dude.
2711070, mark jackson and van gundy already saying it was a mistake to draft
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-22-20 10:17 PM
zion over ja (van gundy tried to be a lil more diplomatic about it).

2711072, why are they calling this game.
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Jan-22-20 10:19 PM
you don't have to pull bill walton out of mothballs, but just get someone who likes the players

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711069, not to booger mcfarland things but zion is gonna struggle with weight
Posted by Reeq, Wed Jan-22-20 10:15 PM
his whole career.

injured or not.

he has that body type and its clear he isnt obsessive enough about diet to keep the pounds off during periods of lessened activity.

dudes mentality (like a lot of young cats) is prolly that he can just burn it off once he does get things rolling. but that see-sawing is gonna get harder and harder as he gets older.

2711071, he doesn't look fat now.
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Jan-22-20 10:17 PM
the only time he's looked doughy was at the start of summer league

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711086, Right. Boy is just solid.
Posted by Beezo, Thu Jan-23-20 08:32 AM
Not much flab there. And he’ll slim down even more now that he’s at full participation.
2711116, Plus he's 19? 20?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Jan-24-20 02:25 AM
His body hasn't fully matured. With a full year of physical growth and NBA-level nutrition and training his body may look much different.

Some athletes are more effective carrying extra fat. Take LeBron. He went on a low-carb diet a few years ago, got really cut and looked sluggish. It wasn't until he gained about 15 pounds that he played at the level he's accustomed to.

His weight isn't going to be as much of an issue as his gait and posture.

Check out this video by Brian Stutterer (he's a YouTuber whose day job seems to be physical therapy. He breaks down his concerns about Zion's injury potential.

2711074, Phonte killed that ESPN hype promo though!
Posted by DJR, Wed Jan-22-20 11:26 PM
2711078, 17 points in a couple of minutes I think he might be an ok basketball player
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Jan-22-20 11:50 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711084, youtube link
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Jan-23-20 05:32 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711085, I didn't know he could hit the three like that...
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Thu Jan-23-20 08:04 AM
apparently the Spurs weren't aware of that either
2711087, He can shoot fine. He just hasn’t needed to
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Jan-23-20 08:35 AM
2711079, this man just came out and did some incredible shit right quick.
Posted by poetx, Thu Jan-23-20 12:10 AM
i'ma keep praying for his knees.

but he is a singularity.

peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
2711081, Stretch 4 Zion
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Jan-23-20 12:18 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711089, man...
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jan-23-20 08:51 AM
>i'ma keep praying for his knees.
>but he is a singularity.
2711090, I think in two years he will be closer to 260
Posted by The Real, Thu Jan-23-20 10:25 AM
I'm giving him a year to enjoy baguettes and gumbo. Then he'll learn how to eat.

2711083, Why someone say he already topped Ben Simmons career 3 point record? LOL
Posted by Castro, Thu Jan-23-20 12:47 AM
2711088, lol
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Jan-23-20 08:50 AM
2711560, btw Zion has hops. this catch behind the backboard is ridiculous
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Jan-31-20 10:00 PM
I was watching live and I thought there was no way he'd finish it.


www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2711563, thats a dope red bull ad.
Posted by Reeq, Sat Feb-01-20 12:17 AM
2711594, hops are insane but his dexterity is otherworldly. all the minute and
Posted by poetx, Sat Feb-01-20 11:34 PM
subtle shifts he can do AFTER / DURING an explosive move is just mind-boggling.

peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
2748524, anyone in here wanna re-evaluate the whole weight/injury issue?
Posted by Reeq, Mon Oct-18-21 06:46 AM
2748533, I think Zion is gonna take his sweet-ass time.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Oct-18-21 11:17 AM
Because the Pelicans are, right now, an absolute disaster of a roster. Some very talented players, almost none of whom mesh together well. Devonte Graham is a PG who can't create off the bounce. Jonas needs to occupy the same space on the floor as Zion. Ingram is really goddamn good, but he's most effective with the ball in his hands and would operate best on a spread-out floor so he can utilize his slashing... and, once again, they've got two post players on the floor, lol. I like a lot of their young guys, but if guys like Kira and NAW and whomever don't make a serious leap, there's a good chance the Pels are bottom 8 in the NBA. (I do like what we've seen from Trey Murphy, so that's a good sign.)

So even if Zion was ready to go by the start of the season (as early reports suggested he would be)? If I were him, I'd be like, "... let's give me another month to get pain-free." Because the Pels FO absolutely will give him whatever he wants, and he's going to want to see if there's any reason for him to work his ass off this season.
2749482, would you take zion over ja if the draft were held today?
Posted by Reeq, Wed Oct-27-21 07:34 PM
2749510, Yes.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Oct-27-21 10:23 PM
If the draft was today, and I’m drafting based on highest upside, I’m taking Zion.
If you need me to take a player to win you a game immediately today, I’m taking Ja.
2749513, i respect your loyalty.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Oct-27-21 11:11 PM
2749517, I couldn't like Ja more if he were literally my own son
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Oct-28-21 06:07 AM
I would still take Zion #1

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2749702, The best ability is availability.
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun Oct-31-21 12:18 AM
2749700, seriously they dont have dude working a nutritionist?
Posted by Reeq, Sat Oct-30-21 11:45 PM
2749705, *with
Posted by Reeq, Sun Oct-31-21 12:28 AM
2749706, RE: seriously they dont have dude working a nutritionist?
Posted by Castro, Sun Oct-31-21 05:13 AM
2749708, lmao
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun Oct-31-21 08:15 AM
2749717, Draymomd say he lovin it…
Posted by Dstl1, Sun Oct-31-21 11:28 AM
2752816, iono fam.
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Sat Dec-11-21 08:56 PM
he officially missed more games than he has played. and hes about to miss a ton more.

looking like injuries are gonna be the story of his career. gonna be even harder with the weight issues.
2752828, I wouldn't necessarily say that
Posted by Rjcc, Sun Dec-12-21 04:02 AM
zydrunas ilgauskas had multiple foot breaks and then....ironman

KD broke his foot and it was difficult for him to come back from, but otherwise has had significant healthy stretches.

it's an injury that's difficult to get healed properly, but it's not necessarily one that just happens over and over forever

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
2752841, its not just this specific injury
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Sun Dec-12-21 10:23 AM
but a variety of lower leg injuries piling up.

plus the type of force/explosiveness he plays with and puts on his lower body.

plus the weight gain and yoyoing.

its a dangerous cycle mayne. already playing out.
2752831, who’s gonna take the weight? - Gangstarr
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Dec-12-21 08:39 AM
2752842, RE: iono fam.
Posted by LegacyNS, Sun Dec-12-21 10:25 AM
>he officially missed more games than he has played. and hes
>about to miss a ton more.

One thing he ain't missed is double whoppers, popeye's chicken and seafood etouffee.

<---- 5....

2752848, In all fairness, seafood etouffee is delicious.
Posted by The Real, Sun Dec-12-21 12:27 PM

2752862, Man’s on the Homer tour
Posted by magilla vanilla, Sun Dec-12-21 04:27 PM
2752886, this LOL
Posted by Castro, Mon Dec-13-21 06:43 AM
2752888, They said his grandma lived with him until a few weeks ago
Posted by guru0509, Mon Dec-13-21 09:23 AM
You know he was eating good lol. Nobody telling their granny "nah my trainer says I cant have that"

2752891, Tank
Posted by bentagain, Mon Dec-13-21 09:45 AM
IDK why Ingram is even playing, unless it's to showcase for a trade partner
Roll out the No Limit tanks in N.O.
Season's a wrap.
2754647, rjcc/longo yall still taking zion over ja?
Posted by Reeq, Sat Jan-08-22 02:53 AM
2754648, Anything changed since two months ago?
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Jan-08-22 03:35 AM
Last time you asked, Zion was hurt, Ja was dope. Now, Zion’s still hurt, Ja’s still dope.

But Zion on the floor is better than Ja on the floor. Zion’s already been an All-Star.

If I was given a reason to think, like, he’ll literally never play again? Sure, you go Ja. Ja’s fucking awesome.

But big men with health issues like Joel had, like AD tends to have… are still transformative players and absurd playoff weapons when on the court.

So, yeah. Nothing’s really different. Maybe next year, I’ll change my mind. Or not. He’s still only 21. And put up 27 and 7 at age 20. *shrug*
2755082, Joel and AD are elite defenders, Zion's been a train wreck defensively
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Tue Jan-11-22 06:56 PM
so far in the league. Granted he is young and been dealing with injuries to start his career so doesn't necessarily mean he can't improve on D. But even with his insane athleticism, at 6'6" he will never be the type of rim protector / defensive anchor they are, so he is not going to be a transformative two-way big man in the mold of those guys.

Now he could be an offensive force in a mold that we have really never quite seen before. But with the questions on his health already right off the bat to start his career, and with Ja taking a superstar turn right before our eyes, right today I would take Ja over him without hesitation.

2758761, To be fair, Ja is also a very bad defender.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Feb-16-22 03:19 PM
Zion's been very bad defensively. He doesn't need to be a primary rim protector, but I don't think that's going to be his role. He'd be a switchable guy, weakside shot blocker guy. That's what he was in college when he was one of the best defenders in the NCAA. Obviously the competition level is quite different between the NCAA and the NBA, lol, but we've seen Zion at a post-HS level playing elite defense. I think it's easy to see the path for Zion to become a plus NBA defender. It's harder to see that with Ja due to his slighter build and frame imo. (And, for what it's worth, the defensive metrics for Ja the last two seasons were worse than Zion's defensive metrics.)

And, again, it all comes down to me that Zion did 27 and 7 at age 20, and he was one of the most dominant offensive forces when on the floor that we've seen in years-- too big for guys his size to guard him, too nimble for bigger guys to guard him. At age 20.

So yeah, he's been hurt all year, and that sucks. But I don't have drastically different injury concerns today than I did in, say, November. And I didn't bring up the Joel example as a style comparison-- just pointing out that, sometimes, when guys are hurt a lot early in their career, people immediately go "oh, that's who he is. injury prone, will be forever." But if they can give you 55-60 regular season games and a healthy postseason, they can change your franchise for the better. Zion wouldn't change New Orleans's defense right today, that's true-- might make it worse, lol-- but he's just so transformative on offense right away.

And Ja fucking rules, I'm real high on Ja too. It's just hard for me to sell on Zion after what we saw last year, what we've seen him do in the NBA when healthy. I've also just seen enough players go through injuries and seen speculation that they'll never be the same, only to have them still be insanely effective. Maybe Zion's got to get the fuck out of New Orleans, maybe it's a Wiggins thing. I don't know. But Zion can't even legally drink til July. And we saw last year what he can do. I'm not ready to sell that potential just because of a lost season.

Joel played 93 games over his first four seasons and now he might be the MVP. He just had to get a few seasons under his belt to really unlock what he's become. If Zion can actually play 60+ games a year for a couple seasons, I still genuinely believe he's got the potential to be an all-time level offensive weapon. So I'm content to bide my time on that potential, even if the worst-case injury scenario does happen.
2754655, Nephew said he was in New Orleans and Zions chef made them lunch
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Jan-08-22 11:04 AM
and now he knows why Zion aint losing weight anytime soon.. lol
2754656, they need to be honest and admit he isn't playing this year
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sat Jan-08-22 11:18 AM
cause that's damn sure what i thought when this injury was first announced w/ how NO avoided being definitive about the situation
2758756, possible 2nd foot surgery.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-16-22 01:27 PM
2758760, Greg Oden 2.0???
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Feb-16-22 02:37 PM
2758765, having these non contact lower leg injuries early in your career
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-16-22 03:34 PM
is never a good sign.

especially when they arent healing up right.

then you got the weight issues compounded by the inactivity (which leads to higher risk of other injuries).

it aint looking good.