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Topic subjectThe Letter L loses again.
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2703686, The Letter L loses again.
Posted by Dr Claw, Wed Sep-25-19 11:55 AM
I ain't forgot about how he said Cleveland didn't deserve RG3 because of how "sad" it was

He might have been OK with that, but then he (and other FCDC fans) came up to say that Washington was a better franchise.

this after 2 or 3 years of peak Snyder, and the high points of the last 10 years prior being Mark Brunell ethering the Cowboys on national TV in the Gibbs 2.0 era, and Jason "Lionel Richie of the NFL" Campbell being mildly competent for a few games.

The irony of that was, FC Washington ran RG3 into the ground. Then he showed up washed in Cleveland afterward, LOL.

even though right today the offense of all things has the Browns at 1-2, I'd take them and Flying Jimmy Haslam's bullshit over FC Washington right today because of how bad the team has continued to be.

This isn't even NFC East hate.
DC was the least hated team on my end anyway, name aside.
Unlike before, where FAs would sign just to get paid... I don't even see people Haynesworthing there anymore. There's not even a 2-3 year plan, it looks like.