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2703637, I watched
Posted by Dae021, Tue Sep-24-19 10:38 AM
- Case made poor plays because he was pressing last night. The offensive genius who decided that Donald Penn and Khalil Mack one on one was an ok idea should be fired. They were eating case ALIVE in the first half. Case couldn't set his feet and never got comfortable. Also he's a good dude if you have a lot to work with, this team doesn't have a ton. They have some young players that will be good later on, but overal the team isn't good enough.

- When you get down by 28 early, REALLY hard to even attempt to run the ball. At this point does it even make sense to keep AP. They're always behind and Chris Thompson just makes more sense. Gruden talks about the fact that AP isn't a good fit for his system and when its money time he's trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I think down the stretch calls had something to do with AP being pissed he was taken out and gruden attempting to appease him. The 3rd and 4th down calls were counter to what had worked to get them down the field.

- Josh looked bad again last night. Lack of pass rush is amazing. The defense that was supposed to be a strong point looked absolutely overmatched and outcoached. Its one thing to get beat by players, and another to be outschemed on Wednesday. That's what the skins looked like.